Yoga For Diabetes Patient

For Diabetes PatientDiabetes means the body does not produce sufficient insulin or use it properly. Nowadays the percentage of diabetes in people increases day by day. We can see diabetes from small children’s to old person. Only yoga for Diabetes patient is the best and simple way to manage and control blood sugar.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Excessive thirst, Itching in the body, slow healing of wounds,  hunger,  frequent urination, blurry vision, low sexual power, poor eyesight are the symptoms of diabetes .

Cause of Diabetes

Diabetes may be due to lack of exercise, obesity and tension stress related problems.  Due to stress the blood sugar level increases and we can say that people suffering from diabetes.

Complications of diabetes are as follows

Heart disease, eye complications, kidney problems, neurological problems, foot problems, skin complications, dental disease and sexual problems.

There are 2 types of diabetes Type1  and  Type 2

Type 1 is due to No production of Insulin in the body. It is due to heredity and so it is hard to prevent.
Type 2 is due to lifestyle.  As we stated above like lack of exercise, Obesity and tension stress related problems.

Yoga for diabetes patient is the best medicine. Regularly practicing yoga can prevent diabetes. Yoga and pranayama helps to manage diabetes and maintain the sugar level.

Type 1 is difficult (not impossible) to treat with yoga but Type 2 can be cure with yoga.

Asana to cure Type 2 diabetes

  1. Kapalabhati
  2. Anulom Vilom
  3. Dhanurasana
  4. Bhujangasana
  5. Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation)
  6. Halasana
  7. Bhastrika Pranayama

Tips for Diabetes patient

  1. Diet should be high in fiber. Increase intake of green vegetables, fruits,
  2. Avoid sugar in your diet.
  3. Milk is important in controlling blood sugar level.
  4. Avoid rice in diet and eat chapattis.
  5. Try to lose weight.
  6. Avoid fatty foods.
  7. Avoid stress and be happy always. Due to stress blood sugar level get increased.
  8. If you are a non vegetarian then avoid non veg daily but can have twice in a week.
  9. Exercise in the morning is very important which help to decrease sugar level. Start practicing above yogasana in the morning. Jogging and walking is very necessary in the morning and evening.
  10. Papaya, apple, orange, pear and guava high in fiber so you can consume it but avoid other fruit which are high in sugar.


  1. Practice yoga under expert guidance.
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