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As you know that coronavirus is spreading from Wuhan city of China to all over the world rapidly. Many people have died and still many people are still under observation. Now coronavirus has already entered in India. Till 19 March, 2020 total cases of coronavirus in india are 166. So far, three patients have died and some patient have been discharged. The number of patients may increase if we will not take precautions from now.

Let’s see how to prevent coronavirus infection and what type of precautions we should take to stop the infection?

Do Not Panic

It is true that coronavirus disease is spreading from person to person but people should not panic. Actually the corona disease patient is not going to die if he is taking proper treatment. Only those are already suffering from serious health problems or those who hide their illness from others then their chances of death is more. The good thing in india is that the immune system of Indian people is strong so after treatment they will get recover from it so do not panic.

Indian Treatment On Coronavirus

There is no specific medicine to treat coronavirus patient. But each country is trying hard to treat patients. Indian doctors are doing great job. Doctors are using a combination of HIV, swine flu and malaria drugs to treat patient. The Positive thing is that the patient are getting cured.

Already some countries are working on vaccine of corona virus but it will take some time. Let’s see.

4 Stages of Coronavirus In India

1. First Stage
In India, the disease has not yet reached the local level.

2. Second Stage
The disease is spreading from those patients who came from other countries in India. Means, the disease is not yet spread by the locals. This is the current stage of India. But without precautions and proper treatment the third stage is not long.

3. Third Stage
In this stage the virus spreads from local people to other people and it is very dangerous. This time lockdown is very necessary to control the infection of coronavirus in India.

4. Fourth Stage
When the infection goes out of control the government declares Epidemic like china. To avoid this stage it is our kind request to follow the precautions as given below.

How to Prevent Coronavirus Infection?

We have seen that in china now the situation is under control. The rate of infection is nothing because they have taken many precautions. In india also the people should follow the same thing and prevent infection.

Indian government has already declared to close the schools and colleges till end of this month. Still government has not stopped the train or bus service but after few days the government may stop the services.

Let’s see how to prevent coronavirus infection?

  • If possible work from home. Avoid going in bus or train. If it is very necessary then only use it.
  • Avoid going to public places like cinema hall, malls, party, wedding, food stalls for few days.
  • If you are using mask then do not use it again and again. Before using new mask dispose it properly so other people or animal will not come in contact with it.
  • Those who are suffering from cough or cold please use mask. Before sneezing or coughing use handkerchief.
  • Do not touch your mask frequently if you are out. Also do not touch your face to avoid infection.
  • 30-40 secs washing hands with soup is must before having food.
  • Always wash vegetable with warm salt water before cooking.
  • If soup is not available then wash your hands with alum.
  • Boost your immune system.

We know that precaution is always better than cure. We should take the current situation of coronavirus in india seriously. Otherwise it will not take more time to spread like China and Itali.

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