frog yoga pose steps and benefits

Frog Yoga Pose (Mandukasana) Steps and Benefits | Eyogaguru

It is one of the best yoga poses to treat diabetes, blood pressure and stomach disorders. The final pose looks like sitting frog hence it is known as Mandukasana or frog yoga pose.

Sanskrit name – Mandukasana
Manduka – Frog
Asana – Pose
English name – Frog Pose

Mandukasana, Frog Yoga Pose Steps

  • Sit in the pose of Vajrasana.
  • Now place your left palm on your naval area then put a right palm on left.
  • Now take a deep breath and while exhaling bend forward as shown in above image.
  • Hold this pose as much as you can and continue breathing normally.
  • Now while inhaling come to the starting pose Vajrasana.
  • Repeat this for 3-5 times.

Frog Yoga Pose, Mandukasana Benefits

Mandukasana Precautions

  • Those who are suffering from knee pain, migraine, headache, ulcer, high blood pressure, should not practice.
  • Should not practice during pregnancy.

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