How to lose weight at home

How to Lose Weight at Home During Covid 19 Lockdown?

Weight gain is the biggest side effect of Covid 19 lockdown. Because of no school, no job, overeating, and no gym, you must have gained weight. Of course, there are so many effective ways to lose weight without going to the gym. Let’s see how to lose weight at home during Covid 19 lockdown?

Why You Are Gaining Weight?

If you want to lose weight then first understand why you are gaining or not losing weight? The most common causes of a weight gain are seen as follows.

Over Eating
Due to lockdown, it is necessary to stay at home and avoid going out. But due to staying at home, we feel more hungry to eat more. So it is obvious we should control overeating.

Stress, Depression
It is also true that due to Covid 19 lockdown so many people are suffering from financial problems. In this condition, stress and depression are common things in people all over the world.

If you are in stress or depression then please use small plates to have your meal. Because in stress or depression you will lose your control of eating which leads to weight gain.

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Increased intake of Tea or Sugar Products
The intake of tea has been increased because you are at home. You should control eating sugar products. More sugar means an invitation to gain weight.

No Gym, Exercise, School and College
It is obvious due to Covid 19 lockdown you are not going to work out or for the gym. Even teenagers are also gaining weight due to no school and the pressure of studies.

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How to Lose Weight at Home?

Drink Plenty of Water
You should drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water early in the morning on an empty stomach. It is effective to improve your metabolism. Lukewarm water develops pressure to clean your stomach. When the stomach is clean then the chances of an unnecessary weight gain are low. You can add lemon or honey to lose weight.

If possible do not drink more water after sunset. Drinking more water after sunset is not recommended in Ayurveda. Because it leads to gas and indigestion.

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No Food After 7 pm
Yes, Ayurveda says that you should not eat after sunset. Because eating late at night causes indigestion and indigestion causes weight gain. If you feel hungry then eat something light or you can have some salad or fruits.

Green Tea
One of the best home remedies to lose weight is Green tea. Instead of taking tea, you can have Green tea.

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No Deep-Fried Food
Spicy and deep-fried foods are always not good if you are gaining weight. Even reduce intake of pasta, cheese, pizza, soft drink, chocolate, and cakes.

Pranayama or Meditation
It is not easy to calm your mind during the lockdown. But we should try some techniques. To reduce your stress and calm your mind, pranayama or meditation plays an important role. if you will start doing it then automatically it will calm your mind and control your mind.

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Yoga Poses at Home
You cant say that you can’t go to the gym because yoga can be done at home also. Practicing only Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation) is enough to bring you in a good shape.

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Chew Food Properly
One of the important tips to control weight is chewing food completely. 90% of people never chew their food completely. As result, they may suffer from indigestion, constipation, and weight gain. Chewing food properly helps digest food properly and prevents unnecessary fat building.

Do Not Sleep the During Day
According to Ayurveda, sleeping after having lunch is not good. You can take 20 mins nap but do not sleep for more hours. Sleeping during the day leads to weight gain and brings other illnesses.

For good health, having 7 hours sleep is good so sleep at on right time. If possible avoid watching tv or mobile late at night.

Hope you have found this article interesting on how to lose weight at home during Covid 19 lockdown. If yes then please comment below and share your experience.

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