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Our world is full of competition and challenges. Due to this, now stress, tension, depression, and worries became a part of our life which leads to serious health issues. Nobody is free from these unwanted things. In this situation, to keep yourself mentally calm and strong you should practice meditation daily. Meditation helps you calm your brain, increase concentration, and achieve your goals. Let’s see how to meditate?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is part of yoga. Both are stress reduction techniques. Yoga consists of breathing exercises and various poses. Meditation is all about getting mental peace, improve focus. In meditation, there is no need of physical exercises.

In Sanskrit language Meditation is called “Dhyana”. Dhyana means to relax our body, mind, and soul. In short a deep mental concentration is called meditation. Meditation should be done after practicing yoga breathing exercises and poses. After doing yoga you might become tired so practicing meditation brings you to normal.

Meditation vs Yoga

Basically, both Yoga and Meditation are good to improve your mental health, concentration, and focus.
If you just want to remove out the negative thoughts, improve focus, and calm the mind can practice only meditation.

and if you want to improve your mental health as well as to bring your body in good shape then yoga is good for you.

How to Meditate?

Now let’s come to the point of doing meditation. One good thing is that there is no need of doing physical exercises. Only you have to sit without doing any movement for some time. Let’s see how to meditate easily?

Calm Place
To mediate you should sit in a calm place and fresh air. So find a calm place first.

Time to Meditate
It is very important that when you meditate. Most people love to meditate in the morning. But it is up to you that when you are more comfortable to do it. Only thing is to keep meditating at that time if possible. This way you will meditate on that time automatically after regular practice.

Sit Straight
Before starting meditation sit calmly for 5 minutes. Sit straight and close your eyes. Spine and head should be straight while doing meditation.

In meditation, it is important to concentrate on your breathing. Take a deep breath slowly and breathe out slowly. Focus on your inhaling and exhaling only. Breathing should not be very fast or very slow while meditation.

Empty the Mind
It is natural that for the first time you will not focus easily because we are human beings. But try to focus on your breathing. You can count 100 to 0 in the beginning. This will help you to focus on breathing. But after a good practice, it is possible to focus completely.

Try to focus on the center of the eyebrow without straining your eyes. Now imagine feeling the rays of your god are coming on your forehead. Keep chanting “OM” in your mind. It is called “Japa” in Sanskrut. Continue it for 20 to 24 minutes.

Sometimes people only focus on their breathing while meditating. It is up to you. Because there are different types of doing meditation.

It is up to you. In the beginning, you can try it for 10 minutes. After a good practice, you can meditate for more minutes.

How to Stop Meditation?
After meditating for 10 – 20 minutes you should not open your eyes and get up immediately. It should be done slowly. After finishing meditation sit for 5 minutes then get up.

Benefits of Meditation

Relieve Stress, Tension and Depression
One of the important health benefits of Meditation is to relieve stress and depression. It improves your mental health, focus, and concentration.

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Improves Focus, and Achieve Goals
Studies show that meditation plays an important role to achieve your goals. Basically, meditation helps to focus and concentrate. As you know that to achieve your goal your focus and concentration are very important things.

Feeling Happy
Another important health benefit of meditation is feeling happy and positive internally. Meditation makes you calm and relax. It reduces your anger and improves the control of your emotions.

Improves Blood Pressure
Regular practice of meditation improves your mental health as well as controls your high blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then start meditation.

Boost Memory Power
Regular practice of meditation improves blood circulation in the brain and mental health. This way it helps you to boost memory power.

Give Up Bad Habits
If you are addicted to any bad habits or feelings and you want to get rid of them then doing meditation is the right choice. Meditation builds your willpower and boosts your confidence which is enough to get rid of bad habits.

Meditation Tips

  • Sit calmly for 5 minutes before and after meditation.
  • Breathing should be deeply and normal. Do not make it fast.
  • Meditation should be done on an empty stomach and on fixed time.
  • Keep smiling face while meditation.

Friends hope now you have understood how to meditate and achieve your goals in your life. If you have already started to meditate then do not forget to share your story after starting meditation with us.

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