Fasting to lose weight advantage and disadvantage of fasting,

Is Fasting to Lose Weight is Safe and Healthy?

When we want to lose weight, we see different types of weight loss methods and trends. Among them, ‘fasting to lose weight’ is a very popular trend. But why is this trend so popular? Obviously, it leads to fast weight loss. Fasting is good for losing weight, but it should be done properly. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to fast to lose weight.

Does fasting help to lose weight? Are there any side effects of fasting?
In our article, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of ‘fasting to lose weight’, which will help you to make the right decision about weight loss techniques.

What is fasting?

In medical science, fasting means not to eat or drink for a short period of time. The main reason behind fasting is to eliminate toxins from your body. Fasting should be done for a short period of time. Fasting for one day or for a few hours helps in the digestion process by saving energy which is needed after each meal to digest food. There are some benefits and disadvantages of fasting to lose weight you should know.

Advantage of fasting to lose weight

  1. An important benefit of fasting is that you will eat less, so there are fewer chances of weight gain.
  2. Fasting helps to digest food properly.
  3. Fasting cleans your body by removing toxins from the body when you are on water fasting.
  4. Intermittent fasting ( healthy diet) improves blood sugar control and lowering blood cholesterol.

Disadvantage of fasting to lose weight

  1. Fasting is not a long-term solution for weight loss.
  2. Fasting makes you more hungry to eat more food next time.
  3. Fasting slows down your metabolic rate. Slow metabolism means less energy in the body.
  4. Fasting leads to low blood pressure, and low blood sugar, fatigue, dizziness.

Different types of Fasting

  1. Water Fasting
    In this type of fasting, most of the people consume only water in a day.
  2. Juice Fasting
    In this type of fasting, one drinks only fruit and vegetable juices but does not eat solid food.
  3. Eating selective Food, Fasting
    In this type of fasting people eat only selective food like foods and vegetables.

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  1. Fasting for 3-4 days in a month is beneficial for detoxification, but should not be done for a long time because it is harmful to health.
  2. Actually obesity or weight gain may be due to your wrong lifestyle. Stress or depression also leads to weight gain. So please first understand your causes of weight gain.
  3. Find out why you are not losing weight.

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