Relieving Constipation by Yoga and Home Remedies

Relieving Constipation by Yoga and Home Remedies

Relieving Constipation by Yoga Exercises , relieve constipation, cure constipation

Relieving constipation by yoga poses

In our previous article we have read about the symptoms of constipation and causes of constipation. We have seen how yoga helps to relieve ulcerative colitis constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and heartburn.

Yoga poses to relieve constipation

  1. Kapalbhati Pranayam
  2. Vajrasanas
  3. Dhanurasana
  4. Suryanamaskar
  5. Bhujangasana
  6. Halasana
  7. Pawan Muktasana
  8. Paschimottansana

Tips for Relieving Constipation

  1. Add hot lemon water for relieving constipation half lemon in a glass of warm water and drink in the morning on
  2. Eat guava fruit which helps in proper digestion and removing gases from the body. Should not eat guava at night. You can eat guava in the morning and after lunch.
  3. You can eat papaya which is also helpful for your digestion.
  4. Aloe vera juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Mix in one glass of water in the morning and evening. Some people may experience diarrhea so take take it with precaution.
  5. Drink more water. 8-10glasses of warm water in a day. It helps in proper smooth bowel movement.
  6. Avoid tea, spicy fried foods, pickles, fast eating, Smoking as well as staying hungry for a long time, drinking alcohol and junk food.
  7. Stay away from stress, tension and depression. These three things causes constipation.

Home remedies for relieving constipation

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  2. What Are the Benefits of Drinking Hot Honey and Lemon Water?


Consult a doctor first to find the root cause of constipation. Because if there is any injury or serious problem with the intestine then proper medication is important. Practice yoga under expert guidance.

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  • Hi
    I am in some confusion and would like some help. I perform ujjaiye pranayam and follow it up with yoga. My issue is that i can’t gain weight as i have a fast metabolism. Research is showing that yoga actually slows down the metabolic rate as it slows and calms down your system. However, i also read that ujjaiye pranayam and certain poses increase your metabolism. I really need to know the truth as i want to work on yoga that slows down my metabolism so i can gain weight. At the same time i don’t want to skip skip pranayam because i feel energetic due to it.

    • Hi
      Each person having different body type. If you want to increase your weight then you should concentrate on your diet.
      1. Eat more for 5-6 times in a day.
      2. Never skip your breakfast.Breakfast should be heavy if you want to increase weight.
      3. Include dates, banana and milk daily in your breakfast for one month. This will increase your weight. Have banana daily after lunch or dinner.
      4. You can continue with your yoga exercises which will bring you in shape and reduce unnecessary fats.
      5. Avoid lemon and honey juice which will reduce your weight.
      6. Avoid tea and coffee.


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