Rules of drinking water

Top 5 Rules of Drinking Water According to Ayurveda

Do you want to stay healthy and away from health problems then you should follow few rules of drinking water? Yes, according to the Ayurveda the wrong way of drinking water also leads to health complications. Let’s see how and how much water should be taken daily to stay healthy according to Ayurveda?

Right Way to Drink Water

1. Sit and Drink Water

One of the important rules of drinking water according to the Ayurveda is that first sit then drink water rather than standing. Drinking water while standing leads to joint pain and kidney disorders also which are the main disadvantages of drinking water while standing. It has been seen that kidney filter better when you sit and drink because your muscles and nervous system is relaxed. While standing water flows ahead without complete filtration. Due to this, the impurities remain in the bladder or kidneys which leads to kidneys problems. And due to drinking while standing the water comes down with a force and essential nutrients cannot reach to all part of the body.

2. Do Not Drink All Water at Once

Always drink water slowly but one sip at a time. Breathe after swallowing a small sip of water throughout the day. Repeat this whenever you drink water. According to the Ayurveda when we take a small sip of water the saliva in our mouth get mixed. It is much effective to balances the acid of the stomach. It balances three doshas of the body like Vata, Pitta, and Cough.

3. Drinking Warm Water Is Good

According to the Ayurveda cold (chilled), water is always bad for our health. Water should be at room temperature when we drink it. But if it is a little bit warm then better. Warm water improves the process of digestion, blood circulation and prevents constipation. But cold water leads to constipation and other health problems.

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4. Drink Water Early In the Morning

Keep a habit of drinking 2-3 glasses of water (especially warm water) early in the morning on an empty stomach without brushing your mouth. This morning spit is actually a good medicine which has been found effective to treat health problems. Hence instead of spitting, swallow it.

Drinking water early in the morning is much effective to boost metabolisms, lose weight, relieves constipation and clean stomach.

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5. Do Not Drink Water Soon Before or After Meal

Yes, this is also one of the important rules of drinking water. Most of the people think that drinking water while eating or soon after a meal will digest food properly. But this is not right. This habit will slow down your digestion process which leads to acidity, indigestion or constipation.

According to the Ayurveda, drinking more water while having a meal or soon after will slow down your digestion. The water will dilute the gastric juices. Due to this, the food will not get digest properly which leads to acidity, indigestion, gas or constipation.

Hence Ayurveda suggests drinking water 40-60 minutes before a meal and 40-60 minutes after a meal is a right way to digest food properly and absorb nutrients properly by the body. Little bit water while having a meal is ok.

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