Seven pranayama breathing exercises

Seven Pranayama, Breathing Exercises and Benefits

In Sanskrit ‘Pran’ means ‘Breath’ and ‘Ayama’ means ‘control’ so it is called as Pranayama. Pranayama is the complete breathing exercise which is the part of yoga. Our breath plays an essential role in pranayama. Pranayama cures our body internally if we practice regularly. These seven pranayama are excellent breathing exercises for our healthy life and for releasing stress and depression.

It takes 35 to 45 minutes to complete the whole process of seven pranayama. According to experts, these seven pranayamas are enough to become healthy and fit.

Morning is the best time to practice pranayama first and after that you take a bath. Wear loose clothes and sit straight. Let’s see the most recommended seven pranayama as follows.

Seven Pranayama, Breathing Exercises, Relaxation Techniques

Pranayama cures and prevents cancer, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, stomach disorders, depression, diabetes, heart problems, and many health issues. Let’s see the list of breathing exercises one by one.

Bhastrika Pranayama and Benefits

Bhastrika Pranayama benefitsBhastrika pranayama consists of deep inhaling (Breathing in) and forcefully exhaling (breathing out). Read more…

Kapalbhati Pranayama and Benefits

Kapalbhati pranayama benefits, steps of kapalbhati pranayamaExhale (Breathe out) with all your force so your stomach will go deep inside. Kapalbhati pranayama cures stomach disorders like indigestion and constipation. Good for heart problems, losing belly fat, and curing acidity. Read more…

Bahya Pranayama and Benefits

Bahya Pranayama Benefits, stepsIn Bahya pranayama exhale completely and touch your chin to the chest. Hold your breath for 15 seconds and pull your stomach inside and upward. This pranayama is excellent for curing hernia, prostate problems, acidity, and abdominal problems  Read more.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama and Benefits

benefits of Anulom Vilom PranayamaExcellent breathing exercise for improving blood circulation. Removes heart blockages. Releases stress, anxiety, and depression naturally. Effective in high blood pressure. Cure asthma, sinus, allergy. Read more.

Bhramari Pranayama and Benefits

Bhramari Pranayama benefitsBhramari pranayama is an excellent breathing exercise that plays an important role in releasing agitation, frustration, and anger. It is the best breathing exercise for calming your mind. Read more.

Udgeeth pranayama and Benefits

Udgeeth pranayama benefitsIn this pranayama, the inhaling and exhaling duration should be long. Inhale deeply and while exhaling chant ‘Ommmmmmmmm’ for as long time as you can. It cures hypertension and acidity. Improves memory power. Read more.

Pranav Pranayama and Benefits

Pranav Pranayama BenefitsThis is the seventh pranayama. After practicing all six pranayamas concentrate your mind on inhaling and exhaling. Good for meditation and increasing concentration. Releases stress and depression. Strengthens the mind. Read more.

Important Precautions  – These breathing exercises (seven pranayama ) should be done on an empty stomach and in the fresh air. Always consult a doctor before practicing any exercises. Practice should be done under expert guidance.

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