quick weight loss tips

Top 9 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips

To lose weight easily and successfully, proper eating habits and few exercises are important. Lets see which are these quick weight loss tips.

1. Eat slowly

Eat slowly and chew food properly. It should take minimum 20 -30 minutes to eat food. Slow eating helps in proper digestion and this way can save 70 calories. It means you can lose 2 pounds in a month without doing anything. Do not eat when you are stressed, but be happy when you are having your food.

2. Use smaller plate to eat

Do not eat more at a time. You can eat 5-6 times, but less food at a time in a day. Say no to bread and pasta or other dairy products and sweet products also. Occasionally its fine to eat those. In the hotel also you can use a small plate. Small plate means less food. If possible, ask the waiter for more salad and wrap up other served food.

3. Do not skip breakfast

The study shows that those having breakfast in the morning, found more success in losing weight. Having breakfast in the morning keep us more energetic for the whole day.

4. No sugar products

Avoid eating more sweets or sugar products. It will lead to increase your weight. Occasionally it is fine to have sweets.

5. Eat water filled fruits

Watermelon, salad or soups help you to feel more satisfied on few calories. So you can start your meal with those water filled fruits to eat less of your main course.

6. Eat more fiber food

Eating more fiber food helps to lose weight. Research shows that those increased intake of fiber food found losing weight, but those with decreased intake of fiber food found weight gain. Increase intake of green vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, which are rich in fiber. It will help you to feel more satisfied in few calories and prevent you to eat more. Avoid bread, pasta, fried foods, white rice, sandwiches and dairy products.

7. Get 7-8 hours of sleep

Good sleep boosts your metabolism and refreshes your mood and your body. It will make you more energetic and won’t let you to skip your exercise.

8. Drink warm water

Whenever you feel thirsty, drink only warm water if possible. Warm water is very helpful for losing body fat. Drink at least 8-10 Glasses of warm water. Warm water reduces constipation and helps in proper digestion and speed up metabolism. Overall, if the stomach is well then everything is well. You can drink 2 glasses of warm lemon honey water in the morning on an empty stomach. It will help to lose weight naturally.

9. Exercises

Regularly go for fast walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes in the morning or evening. 30 minutes walking or jogging will burn your calories and body fat. It is very easy and simple exercise which can be done regularly. Practice some effective yoga poses to lose weight and belly naturally regularly.

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