Why Am I Not Losing Weight -Top 6 Reasons

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Top 6 Reasons

Friends, we have read all about ‘how to lose weight’ in our previous article. But the most common question we ask, why am I not losing weight even after trying everything? Actually, if you want to lose weight, you should follow a proper diet, exercises and some tips to lose weight.

6 Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight?

Actually, there are no shortcuts to reduce your weight. Only your commitment, dedication and focus plays an important role if you really want to lose weight. Let’s see what are those reasons for not losing weight?

1. You are Not Exercising Regularly

Most of the people start exercising but after a few days, they stop exercising. Ask yourself that, are you practicing regularly in the morning and evening? Dedication and regular practice are very important to achieve your target.

    1. Yoga exercises play an important role in losing weight (belly fat) naturally. Yoga poses like Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation), Dhanurasana (bow pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Kapalabhati pranayama and so many are effective in reducing your weight as well as your belly fat.
    2. Running and jogging in the morning is effective to burn your body fat.
    3. Start weight training exercises to reduce your belly fat.
    4. Keep moving after working for half an hour in the office or at home. These all techniques are really very effective.

2. You are Skipping Your Breakfast.

There is some misunderstanding with having breakfast in the morning. Most of the people thinks that eating less will help to lose weight fast. But you should not do this. Especially never avoid your breakfast in the morning. Having breakfast in the morning will speed up your metabolism and will maintain your blood sugar level. Breakfast should be high in protein and fibers.

3. You are Eating Lot of Sweeteners.

The study says that artificial sweeteners affect our metabolism negatively. Eating sugar always leads to weight gain. If you are trying several things to lose weight and not getting results, then better to avoid eating more sweets.

4. You are Stressed Out.

Maybe you are stressed, so you are not losing weight. Office work or personal problems cause stress. According to research stress causes weight gain. You can control your stress only by practicing seven pranayamas. Pranayama is an excellent breathing exercise which helps to reduce your stress.

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5. You are Not Sleeping Enough.

Research says that enough sleep is very important for good health. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain. You feel hungry and tired due to lack of sleep. In result, you will become lazy to go for exercising in the morning. Those suffering from Insomnia (sleeping disorder) should practice pranayama.

  1. Avoid tea or coffee before bedtime.
  2. Never change your sleeping time.
  3. Relax your body by pranayama before bedtime.
  4. Sleep in complete darkness
  5. Avoid late eating
  6. Avoid watching TV late night.

Try these useful tips and keep exercising regularly. At last, there is no shortcut to losing weight. Consult your doctor and practice exercises under expert guidance.

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  • hi, i am 29 years old and had sub clinical hypothyroidism. my first thyroid check report was not normal but second test done after 6 weeks showed normal parameters. but i am still experiencing all the symptoms and also taking anti depressant for my migraine headaches. i have tried all the ways to lose weight including- low calories shakes, diets etc. i cannot do gym due to low stamina and muscle pains. However, i have stated doing some yoga as told on your website. Can you suggest me what yoga should i do to reduce weight quickly and effectively P.S. my height is 5’3 and weight is 70 kg. i am also taking some thyroplex supplements with iodine and zinc.

  • M 26 year old.. last year I have patellar #surgery. Now I have gain10 kg weight and I loose some weight but In march 2016 agin I go for surgery removal of implant. Now I’m doing kapalbharti bt not regularly.. My Height is 153and weight is 53

  • hello sir,
    my height is around 5’6…i weight about 70kgs……..wat should be my weight for my height???………sir my thighs and buttocks have more amount of fat accumulated in them….how can i reduce them??……please give me some advice that i could follow and do them i my house itself…..any exercise for flat tummy to……how much weight could i loose within a months time by doing yoga on my own in the house???…..please do help me out…

  • Hii admin….. I am really depressed ….. I am a overweight guy from childhood only. Now I am 20 years old. Some years ago I gained weight fast and got stretch marks all over my body. Please help you out I heared that there is no cure for stretch marks. Please give me some tips so that I can reduce the appearance of stretch marks atleast. Thank you. Please do mail me soon.

  • Sir I’m 29 yerad old n I hve 3 cezarian baby last baby age is 1 year.sir can I do kpalbhati? My weight is 69 kg n height 160cm..i already on diet regular walk but not loosing weight.my all tests are normal.can youga help me to loos weight plzz help thanks

  • Hello
    what should be weight if height is 186 cm?

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