Kidney Failure - How Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) Cures kidney Completely?

Yoga for Kidney Failure – How Kapalbhati Pranayama Cures kidney?

Nowadays kidney failure problem is not rare. There are so many people from childhood to old age are having kidney problems. Due to unhealthy lifestyles and wrong medication, peoples are silently suffering from kidney disease. Kidney problem is steadily increasing in people because they are not aware of the function of our kidneys and how to maintain them.

Let’s Understand the Function of Kidney

  1. It makes urine.
  2. Removes waste and toxins from your body.
  3. Maintains the chemical balance.
  4. Removes excess water.
  5. Help to control your blood pressure.
  6. Keeps your bones healthy.
  7. Makes red blood cells.

Now think if your kidneys are not functioning properly then definitely your life is in danger.

Most of the people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) don’t know it because they may not show any symptoms for a long time till the situation becomes critical.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

  1. Changes in urination. Little or no urine while urinating.
  2. Fatigue and weakness.
  3. Difficulty in concentrating.
  4. Swelling of legs and feet.
  5. Blood in the urine.
  6. Decreased appetite.
  7. Nausea and vomiting.
  8. Pain in the back below to rib cage.
  9. Skin rashes and itching.

Yoga for kidney Failure

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama for kidney, kidney disease, kidney problems

2. Anulom Vilom Pranayama

anulom vilom pranayama for kidney
Yes, yogasana and pranayama helps to cures kidney for free of cost. The regular practice of pranayama (Breathing exercise) enhances the power of the kidneys as well cures kidney problems. No need of expensive medicines and dialysis.

Research has seen that Kapalbhati pranayama and Anulom vilom pranayama gives outstanding results. It enhances and improves the power of the kidneys. It lowers down the creatinine (Chemical waste molecule) level in the blood of kidney failure patient.

Practicing Kapalbhati Pranayama and Anulom Vilom regularly on an empty stomach each for 15 -30 minutes will improve the function of the kidney. Try it because it is free of cost. You can continue your medicines if you are already taking. You will lower down your creatinine (Chemical waste molecule) level in the blood. Those are not able to take expensive medicines should practice kapalbhati and anulom vilom pranayama for 15 – 30 minutes daily and see your creatinine level. You will find amazing positive changes in your kidney. Believe in yoga and in your practice.

Practice it regularly in the morning and evening. God has blessed us with an excellent respiratory system. So try it and start from today. Never give up

Precautions for Kidney Patients

  1. Kidney patient should consult a doctor first before practicing yoga. In some cases, operation and medications are necessary so doctor advice is must.
  2. Those suffering from high blood pressure should practice kapalbhati slowly. Only 3 exhalations in 6 seconds.
  3. Please follow doctor’s advice about your diet.


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  • My mother is 80 years old and has Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5. Her Blood Urea is 128 and Creatinine is 4.7. Sometimes her face and ankle gets swollen.

    Please suggest what to do in this case

  • my both kidney is working properly…………………. but i m sufering from left kidney alignment { it is slightly lower down from its original position and moving vertically} …………………………………..

  • Sir…
    MERE COLIGUE KI KIDNEY 50% damage hai .Dr.s se medicine continue hai.
    But mai YOGA ASAN pe jyada belive krta hu.
    pls mujhe suitable YOGA out medicine concern kre.
    Agr reports bho dikhane ki jarurt hai to mai reports bhi le ke ja skta hu
    Patient detail.
    Married girl
    age 26 year

  • I am on dialysis since 2013. Recently i am suffering from ascites. How can i remove excessive fluid from my body naturally? I am on regular dialysis and still it is not helping to remove excessive fluid. My abdomen feels heavy and i feel uncomfortable all the time. The doctors tried to take out the ascites fluid but the condition got worsed. Can yoga help?

  • Hello sir,

    My uncle’s both kidneys were failured and he is taking dialysis.he have no strength also.Is there any possibilities to avoid dialysis through regular practising of yoga?Please suggest me.Awaitng for your reply.

  • My Age is 18 suffering from kidney disease on dialysis from past 10 months creatinine is 11.24 before dialysis taking ayurvedic medicine doing Pranayam also physically I am normal but reports are not good so should I do Pranayam regularly or move on to transplant.?

  • My uncal is also have a same problem he is both kidneys are damaged & He have to go the hospital every 2nd day for the dialysis treatment what
    they have to do

  • Does anyone know of a yoga instructor in the San Francisco area that teaches 1:1 pranayama yoga, specifically using the technique of inhaling and exhaling sharply, to help manage and improve stage 3 kidney disease?

  • sir mera 5 years pehle kidney ka operation hua tha. left kidney removed hui the. mere liye kon sa yoga sahi hoga suggest me.

  • Hi Sir,
    I have daibeties. Also kidney found swelled.
    I am doing yoga kapalbharti, anulom-vinilom & mandukasan.
    Sir please tell me can I come time with these with alopathy medicine.

    [email protected]

  • Sir,good morning, I have polycystic kidney disease problem, creatinine is 4.5 BP is 150/113 using BP tablets daily even though not reducing, kindly suggest me how to reduce creatinine, BP by using Yoga Thank you sir

  • My maternal uncle is suffering from kidney failure. His creatinine is 8 and urea is 266. Doctor has advised dialysis to be started asap. Can you please suggest whether there is any remedy in Yoga and Ayurveda? The entire family is dependent on him, so your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Sir I had regular kidney stones issues and I have high appettite for food and can not control eating eating habits…had BP and taking medicines..I used to drink lots of water but still stone issue not solved..please help in my diet and I have just started yoga..pranayama

  • Hello my mother is suffering from ckd and trust me yoga and ayurvedic medicine work for my mother .4 June 2015 her creatinine was 6 but after doing yoga and taking ayurvedic medicine and taking bolied veg now her creatinine decrease to 3.5 and by God grave she is f9.doing yoga ,timely medicine and eating restricted diet according to me prevent ckd

  • My son has diagnosed with RPGN he is 9 years .since one month he is passing protein and blood in urine . His creative is 1.1 but urea is high at 140.please advice how he can stop passing blood and protein

  • Dear sir,

    There are some labour in my house for general repair work. One of their family member had both kidney failed and doctor refused to operate further. Can life of their family member be saved.
    They cant affored costly transplant

  • Hello am from Mauritius age 26yrs female I hv polycystic kidney creatinine 230 and urea 11….n am urinating blood since 1 months so will yoga cure me plz reply

  • Dear Sir,

    My father , aged 75 , has got renal stents in the year 2000. He has been on medication for this as well as for high BP for a long time. His creatinine has gone upto 4.3 this time , thankfully rest all his systems are working fine, I mean his appetite is normal, with normal urination etc . (though constipation is a regular affair, since many years now)
    Having, renal stents is kapalbhati still advisable to lower the creatinine level and improve the kidney functioning. Please advise.


  • hello,
    my brother age 18 yrs last week only diagnosis both kidney failure… his creatinine is -19 and now he is on dialysis.
    plz suggest

  • Sir my Grandfather is suffer from kidney damage they feel to much pain in back bone and his legs were swelled . Give me some suggestion to help my grandfather . He is only 65 years. What he should take food and any other tips . I hope you will help me . My contact no is 9305541528

  • My father has CKD and his last creatinine level was 8.6. He also has ascites (Liver disease ruled out by normal USG abdomen and LFT’s). Doctor’s suggest it is because of low kidney function and portal hypertension as ascitic fluid examination revealed it to be transudate. He is taking allopathic treatment but no relief yet. He was doing Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Pranayam for few days but as sitting and braething becomes a problem, he is unable to continue. Kindly suggest something. We have also started some ayurvedic treatment. Plaese help us.

    Thank you

  • hey ive been having higher bun levels an slight lower back pain along with burning in urethra.will this help?

  • Its really very informative..
    Thanks for Sharing the content like this…

  • rabindra nath yadav

    (June 4, 2016 - 2:52 am)

    I am 28 year old .I am hypertension and CKD stage 3 patient and my gfr is 35%,cratenine is 2.3 and blood is please suggests me which yoga is duties for me.

  • Sir I m 58 years old my creatinine is 10.9
    Is there any yog way To improve it? If yes then please suggest me some yog trainer.

  • my son aged 11 years is recently diagnosed with” A typical Hemoletic uremic syndrome “which is a rarest disease and is under treatment in AIIMS.The treatment given to him is 17 sittings of his plasma exchange with certain periodic doses of immuno supperasants which will go for another period of One and half year . Can you pl guide me yogasana/praynayaam to be performed by my son for his better health so that he may be cured fully .

  • sir please suggest me the dialysis is good or not good for patient.

    my father creatnine is 14
    blood urea is 149

  • Hello sir
    I am having Polycystic kidney disease, about which I came to know only last week. I am 28 year old. MY creatinine is normal and so is BP. Can you please guide me regarding the pranayama to be performed for better health of my kidneys so that the growth of cysts on the kidneys slow s down or stops.

    • Hi Soniya,
      I am also a pkd survivor and aged 28. It was found last year. Doctor informed there is no cure for it and cannot stop cyst growth too. Nowadays I am getting pain in my kidneys sometimes. you started practising Pranayama? Are you taking any specialized medications in Ayurvedic , Siddha, Homeopathy?? please mail me [email protected]

  • Sudesh ji Mobil e no dijiyee my no 7873749326

  • Pls suggest best medicine ayurved for ckd stage 4 cretinine 4 urea 61 and uric acid 13.8
    Address amaresh m # 7873749326

  • Hari omm
    My wife suffering in CKD now her creatinine 4.1 and uria 103 and HB 08…Dr refer water intake a day 750 ml only how can she manage her self plz sujest me..

  • Dear Sir,
    I am a diabetic with blood pressure for last 11 years. Now I have developed kidney problem with creatinine level 2.4. and protein in urine is +++. I am taking ayurvedic medicine from Patanjali. Please advise me what else I have to do to lower my creatinine level. Please also tell me if it is curable completely or not.


    Nihar K. Das

  • My creatinine level is 2 from 8 years and I have been doing anulom vilom pranayam and bhastrika pranayam from 2 months. I am not doing kapalbhati pranayam as it is lower my weight and I have been suffering from high blood pressure problem.whether it is mandatory for me to do kapalbhati pranayam to get benefit or anulom vilom for 30 minutes and bhastrika for 30 minutes will be sufficient

  • my father have higher creatine leval 7.9… we decrease creatine leval…

  • Hello sir, I am 14 years old and I had a kidney transplant 2 yrs back…but I am still having a stunted growth, what can I do?

  • I had a major accident in2010 .my right leg was. Fractured.steel rod were inserted.will kapal bharti and. Anulam bilam help me for strethening of bone

  • Hi sir

    My name is saroj kumar dinda, age 26years, now creatinine level 7.9,
    what i do, it possible to recovery, i have no dialysis,

  • I think no one cured by kapalbhati in cchronic renal failure.

  • what is the method of preparing neem leaf juice?

  • sanjay kumar nayak

    (August 21, 2015 - 3:30 pm)

    namaste sir, my father heart patient and doctor advice that my father’s kidny presure so my father take medicine, but what type of food eat my father.

  • sanjay kumar nayak

    (August 21, 2015 - 3:28 pm)

    namaste sir, I have been already duodonal ulcer operation by doctor since last two year, now i can do kapalvati pranayam or not, please reply, I have also suffering cough problem, please answer me for that problem .

  • my mother age 67+, has multiple chronic disease with hypertension, LV disfunction and ckd 5 but no dialysis is done yet and now her createnine is 5.1 and the urea in blood is 120, by doing yoga regularly does her kidney will reverse? and pliz suggest me which yoga is suited for her? thank u.

  • manoj ramdas goud

    (August 3, 2015 - 11:15 am)

    my son aged 20 years is suffering from chronic kidney disease since last three months. He is doing Kapalbhati pranayam for 3-4 hours. Please inform me how much time will take to get cured fully. Also please provide me address/contact number of persons who have been cured from above disease by doing Kapalbhati Pranayam.

  • Hi Sir ,My creatinine is 8 and dailysis is running twice in a weeek .Can you please suggest me to avoid dailysis .Thank you in advance .

  • Hi,
    Due to UPJ obstruction ,Left Kidney is swollen.RDS shows LK 15 %and RK 8% .Can yoga correct or improve its functionality,as per doctor Chronic disorder is irreversible.

  • Sir my father is suffering from high creatinine level that is 10.5 .what precautions shuold we take to lower this creatinine level

  • श्रीमान जी मेरी पत्नी की दोनों किडनी सुकुडी हुई हैं किडनी को ठीक रखने के लिए क्या करना चाहिए

  • I am suffering from CKD stage 3. Dr. Told after 5-6 year I may need dialasis. What yoga I should do to delay dailasis

  • Sir . myself also having b.p and taking allopathic medicine .sir please advise me for my weaknesses and low hb herbs and problems for my diabetics

  • Sir . myself age 59 weight 44 kg and having hb 6.1 having diabetic .sir I am now getting immune system. Please help me.

  • Hello mahesh aftet six months treatment.

  • My mother is suffering CKD last level her medicine is running from vellore hospital since 3 yrs but doctor said she had to take medicine whole life and always be in precautions of her diet .her creatine level is now 3.5 and urea is 78.what yoga exercise must she do to low his creatine level?

  • sir my doctor is suffering from CKD stage 5 from past 7 -8 years …he has no other symptoms of kidney ..the creatinine level is now 7.9 …doctor have suggested to start dialysis in september … can the creatinine level lower within the next appointment??

  • Hi
    I have been having foamy bubbly urine .
    no protein no wbc in urine.
    No tb hiv Vidal negative. Ultrasounds lower abdomen normal.
    Got done with kidney function test it showed my uric acid level 8.3 . Do you think this is reason.? I used to run for 5 kms a day . I have stopped every form of exercise because it raises uric acid levels. My blood sugar was coming between 100-110 fasting but after practising kapalbhati pranayam everyday for 20 minutes in the morning and drinking Lemon juice constantly throughout the day I get it in the 90s. Please advice as to what might be the reason behind the bubbly urine.

  • hello sudesh,
    for how many days of treatments improvements shown?

  • My Husband suffring from kideny failure .he starting Creatine level was 5.73&urea 104. My question can he cure his kidney or not.he is 49 year old &high blood pressure patient.

  • My sister suffring from kideny failure .her starting Creatine level was 8.67&urea 287 after taking ayurvedi medicines &follow healty chart her Creatine 3.67&urea97.she is doing pranaam. My question can she cure her kidney or not.she is 37 year old &high blood pressure patient.

  • Hi,
    5 years ago I had blood in urine. After that I have started kapalbhati pranayama & amala powder in 6 months my problem cure. So kapalbhati pranayama best for kidney problems.
    B Patel

  • Dear sir,
    my kidany disese detected on june’14 . scaring around left kidany. creatnine 4.2 ,
    protine ++ . Blood pressue is 140 / 98 .
    advoicced doctor for allopathy mediciene. Ketosterile 9 Tablet / day. for kidany & Lobett 100 mg 1 tablet / day.
    kindly advice which yogo & frequency , time is suitable for me to reduce kidany & BP .

  • Hello sir,
    I am suffering from ckd stage 5.i diont have any symptoms of kidney failure except weigh creatinine is 5 and i am taking medicines and doing yoga as per doctors of patanhali ayurveda hospiital month over, ther is no progress.what should do?

  • hi sir,i have suffering from the nrphortic syndrome and minimum edema in legs now..but i kapalbhait,anloum viloum daily..can these paraynam cure all kidney cratine level and uric acid are under control..

    pl suggest me as soon as psbl

  • sir my friend`s mom has kidney cancer and unfortunately she is in the last stage of that. is thr any treatment by which the cancer can b cured……

    • Hello.

      Ohh.Very sad. But if she is able to practice bhastrika pranayama, anulom vilom and bhastrika pranayama slowly then please ask her. At least bhastrika and anulom vilom pranayama she must practice sowly for 2-5 minutes each. No matter if she cant sit properly. Pranayama boost immunity and positive energy. It will make her more strong. It strengthen her willpower. Try to make her more happy and positive. Hope this will help her. Follow her doctors advice also. Hope she will be alright.

      Read more –


  • I am 78!yrs old. No bad habits. Always exercised by playing golf. My creatinine level is 6. Pl suggest remedies

    • Hello,

      We can suggest kapalbhati pranayama. Practice it in the morning and evening on an empty stomach slowly. It will improve the function of kidney and lowerdown your creatinine level. Side by side you can continue your doctor’s medicines. But practice should be done under expert guidance and inform about your current stage of kidney.


  • hi,
    I am ckd stage 4 patient as doctor told creatine value is 15 and doctors suggest me for dialayis 3 times in a left kidney is stopped from many years and right kidney also stoped to work.but i dont have any CKD 4 symtoms.Please suggest me exercise .

  • Hi, i had kidney transplant in 1998, all parameters are normal expect protein in urine. I have been practicing yoga for 2 yrs now, could you tell me what asanas i should avoid

  • my right kidney was removed at my age of 15 years now i m 30 years, up to this time i have no prob , sometimes some uneasy in left side, now i m planing to marriage , am i eligible for marriage ???? will i face any prob for child ???? as i read many articles because i m asking like this , hope u will help me with your answer

  • Hi Raj,
    My father is suffering kidney failure. His creatinine reached 16 and is currently on dialysis. Do you have any one being cured by practicing Pranayama after reaching high creatine level and on dialysis.

  • I have stamoch problem..every time I eat I go to toilet in day…..and feacal is also liquid form…please give m solution.

    • Hello,.

      In this case you will have to do stomach checkup. First you have to find the exact cause of you problem to avoid other complications.
      Causes of fecal stool like,
      1. Stomach infection
      2. Malabsorption syndromes
      3. Chronic intestinal conditions
      4. Food intolerance and allergies
      5. Poor diet
      6. Medication
      7. Psychological – like stress, anxiety and depression
      8. Other stomach disorder

      So consult your doctor first and follow proper diet. You will be fit and fine in few days.


  • Thank you for such a fast attention. It increases my confidence. Right now I decide to give up smoking for good or to minimise it to one cigarette a day (working days only). On holidays I don’t smoke.
    Is there any Pranayama that can alleviate the desire for alcohol ? Or at least lessen the desire ? It may help me. Are the Bhrastika” “Kapalbhati” and “Anulombilom” can control Blood Sugar too ?

    • Hello,

      Kapalbhati pranayama will improve the function of pancreas. In result it will control blood sugar naturally. So enjoy it daily in the morning and evening for 5-15 minutes.
      Regular practice of seven pranayama will motivate you to control desire of alcohol. Yes its true.


  • I am 50+ and I am using allopathic medicine for Blood Pressure for a long time, since 2003-2004, Doctors changed my medicine time to time, but for during the last ten years it is not reduced ever to normal level. Sometimes it becomes as high as 170/110, and the minimum is 140/90. I am also suffering from arthritis. Pain and sprang moves from one part of body to other, particularly lower portions, at bones of the hips, thighs, knees etc. I am a bit overweight. Sugar level is high at present but do not want to go for allopathic medicine. Creatinine I have not yet tested, ………………very recently I have started Pranayam as Bhastrika, Kapalbhati & Anulombilom which I feel keeping me comparatively better with enhanced energy level.
    [ Unfortunately, I am used to take alcohol everyday before dinner, 3 to 4 pegs, for the last twelve years and it is very difficult for me to give it up. I used to smoke 3 to 4 cigarettes a day at my Office hours only, if there is no office I don’t need it. ]
    Waiting for your advice………………

    • Hello,

      If you want to become fit and fine, you should give up alcohol and cigarettes. You are doing Bhastrika, Kapalbhati & Anulombilom which is good. Keep practicing it in the morning and evening also on an empty stomach. You will be fit and fine in few days. Anulom vilom and bhastrika will control you blood pressure easily in few days. Regular health check up and doctor advice is necessary. But one thing is sure that regular practice of pranayama will make you fit and fine. So enjoy it.
      Read more –


  • i am suffer from kidney disease my creatine level is 2.65 and blood press 139/89 & Hb 12 pls suggest yoga to improve kidney disease we suffer from 2 year

  • My father have a kidney problem n now a days he have a bp plz suggest me for both kidney problem n to control the bp

  • Hi sir
    My left kidney is working only 14% & right is normal. My creatinine is 1.5 & urea is 39. Left kidney was swollen bcz of puj obstruction so doctor fixed a dj stent and now left kidney releasing pus through urine. Its been two days. Is it possible to increase my left kidney function & puj obstruction through ayurvedic medicines & yoga ? & is it okay to do yoga while having stent in kidney .. Please suggest .. regards

  • Thank u sir

    For your earlier reply
    But no experts with the help of c.d will be practicing sir will it do

  • Hello sir

    My brother age 29 is suffering from kidney desease
    +++protein in urine
    one kidney shrinked
    blood urea 53
    creatine 2.9
    suggest us please
    Awaiting for your reply

  • Does pranayama improve kidney function even though there are signs of scarring in the kidney?

    • Hello,
      Pranayama is always best breathing exercise to improve kidney function. Patient should continue with doctor medicines and routine check up. But if you will take help of pranayama, then chances of getting cure will increase. Patient should take expert advice and check the condition of kidney before practicing pranayama.


  • My father suffering from kidney problem and blood urea is 90 and creatinine level is 4.5. so we are affraid plz suggest how to control.

    • Hi,

      Your father should practice bhastrika, kapalbhati and anulom vilom daily in the morning and evening slowly for 5 minutes each in the beginning. These pranayama will boost immune system and strengthen mind, body and soul. Kapalbhati is excellent breathing exercise to improve the function of kidney. yes its true. It will lower down creatinine level. Should practice slowly. These pranayama will increase positive energy and thinking. It will reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Very effective in maintaining normal blood pressure. Which is very important for your father. You can continue with doctors medicines but start pranayama. In few days you will see outstanding positive results. Click here for –


  • This article provides such great alternative for kidney problems. Would like to try this out. I don’t have kidney problems but prevention is still better than cure. Thanks for posting.

  • i am suffering from high bp for 3 years age 27. Practising pranayama for 3 months does not improve my bp what can i do .

  • my wife is suffering from IgA Nephropaty and creatinine lavel is 1.9 to 2.5. Please advise how i can take treatment from ayurved and cure my wife.

    • Hello,

      First of all thanks for visiting eyogaguru. Your wife will have to improve and strengthen her immune system by Bhastrika, bahya, kapalbhati and anulom vilom pranayama. Kapalbhati is the best pranayama to improve the function of kidney and other stomach organs. It will improve the blood circulation and regenerate dead cell of kidney. It will improve the function of removal of waste from the body. This way it will normalize creatinine level. Practice those pranayama daily but slowly. Do not over do. She will be fit and fine in few days. You can continue with your doctor prescription. But practice pranayama daily.It will boost immune system naturally. So be positive. Everything will be alright.
      Pranayama –


  • I am suffering from loss of cmd of both kidneys and doctor said it is not serious but I want to actually what this is and is it curable by the yoga?

    • Hi,

      Practice kapalbhati pranayama daily in the morning and evening for 10 minutes. It will improve the function of kidneys in few days. Yes its true. Practice positively
      You will be fit and fine in few days.


      • Hari Om Ji,

        I am a regualar practitioner of Yoga and advise people to do so in their daily life…yestday I came across a patient who is given a notice by doctors for kidney replacement max within 2-3 monthsa ..advise me how to guide him…He had taken ayurvedic medicines fro patanjali…but somehow didnt get cured…How can i help ..also suggest dietary control

        • Hari om,

          If doctor advised to replace within 2-3 months then it is critical. Patient should follow doctors prescription and diet. Actually he should boost his immune system and enhance the power of kidney. If patient is in condition to do pranayama then he should practice kapalbhati regularly. Kapalbhati will regenerate dead cells and improve the function of kidney. Yes we can suggest this only. Practicing seven pranayama will increase body energy, boost immunity. It will increase positive energy and release stress. Stress and depression are killer. Due to these factors body does not respond positively. It decreases chance of getting cure. In kidney patient maintaining blood pressure is very important so practice pranayama daily to maintain it.

          So friend tell patient to practice pranayama – Bhastrika, kapalbhati and anulom vilom daily. After all positive thinking, regular practice is important. Tell him that he will be fit and fine in few days. This will encourage him and it will increase chances of getting cure. We will pray for him.
          Pranayama –

          Sorry for late reply. We could not reply due to server error.


  • I have +++protein in urine and ++++ occult blood. But my kidney size is normal and I don’t suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes. Nor I suffer from swelling in face and feet. Pls advice for my condition.

  • My father hv a kidney problem and he has a diabetic n bbbp. So plz suggest

  • hi..i m kidney failure pt .my creatinine level is 6 n i have hypertension also..what can i do???

    • Hi,

      You should practice Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom, bhastrika and pranav pranayama daily in the morning and evening. Kapalbhati will improve your kidney function and lower down your creatinine level. Pranayama will reduce your stress, tension and hypertension. But do not stop pranayama.You can continue with your doctor prescription. Pranyama will make you strong internally and improve the function of organs as well as boost immune system.
      Note down your creatinine level before starting pranayama and check after 15 days. We will say only one thing that you will be fit and fine in few days. Best of luck
      Pranayama –


  • I have high cretanine level of 7, I am taking medicines from past six months , feeling good but I regularly undergo feverish symptoms , what should I do ?

  • I am kidney transplanted pt.i had gone kidney transplantation surgery on 30.03.2000. Now this kidney is started rejecting.pls suggest what should i do to stop rejection.

    • Hi,
      First of all you have to improve and strengthen your immune system. Regular medical check up and doctor advice is must in your case. Yoga will improve the function of your immune system. It will make you strong internally. It will remove your stress and depression. Practice bhastrika pranayama, kapalbhati and anulom vilom regularly.
      You continue with your medicines but practice pranayama daily.Be positive you will be fit an fine in few days. In your case your mental strength is more important so never give up. You can do it. When you will practice pranayama, think that you are feeling good. You will be perfectly all right in few days.
      Read more –


    • Hi Mahesh , any improvements ?

  • Ankesh Srivastava

    (June 10, 2014 - 6:15 pm)

    i have a back pain in the lower ribs so what precation i have to take but i havent cheak my creatinine level

    • Hello Sir,

      You should check creatinine level just for precaution. Precaution is always better than cure. Back pain is due to wrong siting position, spine problem and wrong life style. Also those having kidney problem suffer back pain. And kidney patient should practice kapalbhati regularly. It will improve the function of kidney naturally and lower down the creatinine level. Stress, depression and tension leads to bone problems, calcium deficiency. So please practice pranayama to release depression and stress.

      Read more –

      Due to system error we could not reply you on time after your question so really sorry for this. Be in touch.

    • Hi,

      First of all proper medical check up is must. Don’t ignore your back pain. Please consult a doctor because without report it is difficult to guide.


    • Sir,
      Myself Rahul Sarma…
      I have a kidney problem last 8 months…. Now I face some other problem like as pain in middle of back bone, feels burning in belly or lower in back side. And my uric acid is too high.. In this condition which yoga help me to reduce all types of pain, uric acid and creatinine level.

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