Top Healthy Foods to Increase Weight Fast

Top Healthy Foods to Increase Weight Fast

Top Healthy Foods to Increase Weight Fast Friends only exercise is not enough, you have to consume following healthy foods to increase weight. Combining yoga, gym and healthy food will definitely boost your energy, metabolism and appetite to increase your weight. Gaining weight is not difficult but avoid more oily and deep fried foods. It is dangerous for your health and may lead to heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure. What you eat it should digest easily and for that you have to exercise daily.

Follow some foods which are full of proteins, mineral, calories, fibers and nutrients and good for gaining weight and building muscles.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins, Date, Peanuts are a good source of fiber, nutrients and calories. Including dry fruits in our diet is very effective to increase weight and strengthening muscles.

dry-fruit  to Increase Weight Fast

Bread Butter

Those people want to gain weight should consume butter daily because it contains more amount of saturated fats. You can enjoy butter with bread and snacks. You can take ghee or butter because both are effective to increase weight.

butter to increase weight fast

Egg Omelette

The egg is a good source of of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, omega-3 fatty acid and proteins. Including egg omelet, milk, bread and banana are excellent breakfast to increase weight fast. So do not avoid egg.

omelet to increase weight fast


Milk is a great source of protein, calcium and several nutrients. Very essential for healthy bones and muscle building. Drink 1 glass of milk during breakfast as well as after you exercise to recover your body needs.

milk to increase weight fast

Chicken or Lean Meats

Including chicken or lean meat in your diet will definitely increase your weight and muscle due to it’s a great source of proteins and calories.

chicken or lean meat to increase weight fast


Pasta contains more amount of carbohydrates, essential nutrients and calories.  Excellent food supplement for those want to gain weight.

pasta  to increase weight fast

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    I am always in the mood of depression and negative thinking and lack concentration on work , request how to avoid this system ..please help me .

    • Hello,
      Stress, depression, worries, and tension are always there in our personal life and in office. Causes can be different. This things lead to other health issue like heart problems and diabetes and mental disorder. But these things are not permanent only you have to learn how to bit this and avoid this. Life is so precious, so enjoy it. You will not get life again and again. So try to be happy always. Keep smiling in bad situation also. Yes its difficult but you can do it. Life is more important and if you are happy then you family also happy. But how—————–?

      One thing you should do that wake up early in the morning. Drink 2 glass of warm water. Go for fast walking and jogging. Then take rest for 15 minutes. Start seven pranayama daily. This will make you fresh and change mood. It removes negative energy as well as increase positive energy. Keep in mind, if you will do this for 21 days i am sure that you will do this for ever. Because its works. You cant stay without this routine even you are out door. This will improve your stamina, positivity, concentration, working efficiency and you will feel relax and fresh every day. Jut do this for 21 days and write us. I m sure you will enjoy your life.
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