How to Gain Weight and Muscles by Yoga?

How to Gain Weight and Muscles by YogaYoga is usually recommended for weight loss but yoga is helpful for weight gain also. Yes it’s true. Yoga increases your appetite and metabolism which is very important to gain weight. Yoga brings more flexibility to the body and strengthens muscles.

When a healthy diet and yoga combines together you will definitely increase weight. Some effective yoga poses are very helpful to gain weight like vajrasana, shirshasana(head stand pose)sarvangasana(shoulder stand pose), bhujangasana, suryanamaskara, pavanamuktasana.

How to gain weight fast and be healthy?

  1. First consult a doctor, dietitian or trainer to decide how much weight you have to increase.
  2. Eating frequently means having 3-4 meals everyday with 2 snacks.
  3. Never skip your breakfast. Bananas and dates with milk is an excellent breakfast for increasing weight.
  4. Eat food having more calories and protein like fish, whole-grain breads, potatoes, kidney beans, pasta, eggs, meat, chicken, milk veggies etc..
  5. Practice pranayama for good sleep. Yoga releases stress and depression which is very important for gaining weight.
  6. Practicing kapalbhati is very helpful for curing stomach disorder and increasing appetite.
  7. Practice above yoga poses to increase appetite so you will feel more hungry.
  8. Consult a doctor to find the main cause of low body weight.
  9. The regular practice of yoga improves your immune system which is important to become more healthy.
  10. Jogging and walking for a few minutes is also very important to increase metabolism.


breakfast to gain weightInclude bread butter, bananas and dates with milk, pasta, dry fruits, cheese omelet in your breakfast if you can. Keep a habit of having a heavy breakfast daily.

Lunch or dinner

dinner to gain weightInclude vegetables, pasta, fish, whole-grain breads, potatoes, kidney beans, with cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, dal, rice, powdered milk.


pizza snacks dinner to gain weight You can have cheese slices, fresh fruit juice, powdered milk and fruits, potato chips and dry fruits as a snack.

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