Zika virus infection symptoms and diagnosis treatment

What is Zika Virus Infection, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment?

What is Zika virus?

Zika virus Infection is transmitted to human through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. The common symptoms of Zika virus infection include fever, headache, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). Zika virus is closely related to dengue virus.

In 1947 Zika virus was isolated from a rhesus monkey for the first time in the Zika forest, in Uganda. Prior to 2015 Zika virus cases have been reported in Africa, Southern Asia, and Pacific island. In May 2015 the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) had confirmed the first case of Zika virus infection in Brazil. Currently, more than 20 countries of America have reported the presence of Zika virus.

Symptoms of Zika virus infection?

The symptoms are similar to dengue and Chikungunya. The symptoms start to begin 2-7 days after the bite of an infected mosquito. The virus remains 5-7 days in the blood after infection. The symptoms are often mild in Zika so may go unrecognized or misdiagnosed as dengue.

  1. Low-grade fever
  2. skin rash
  3. Muscle or joint pain
  4. A headache
  5. Abdominal pain (rare)
  6. Digestive problem
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Conjunctivitis

What is treatment or medicine for Zika virus infection?

There is no specific drug or vaccine for zika virus infection.

  1. Drink more water  to prevent dehydration
  2. Control fever
  3. Get more rest
  4. Use of anti-pyretic and analgesic to relieve pain and fever.
  5. Should consult a doctor to avoid complication.

Can Zika cause death?

Deaths are rare.

How is Zika diagnosed?

Blood tests can help to confirm Zika virus infection. There are several methods used for diagnosis of viral nucleic acid detection, virus isolation, and serological testing.

Can it be transmitted through blood or sexual contact?

According to some evidence, it can be transmitted through blood or sexual contact but it is rare and not confirmed.

Can it be transmitted from mother to child?

If pregnant women are already infected with Zika virus then there are chances of transmitting the virus from mother to baby during pregnancy or childbirth. According to a recent report, most of the countries in America reported infection in newborn babies whose mother were infected with Zika virus while pregnant. The government of Ei Salvador of central America, suggested avoiding pregnancy till 2018 to prevent transmission of Zika virus.

How to prevent Zika virus infection?

  1. Avoid mosquito bite.
  2. Cover water tanks so that mosquito cannot get in.
  3. Sleep under mosquito nets.
  4. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants
  5. Use screen or mosquito net in windows.

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