6 Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise and Diet in 2 Weeks

Lose Weight Without Exercise, 6 best ways to lose weight without exercise in 10 daysGood news for those want to lose weight fast but do not want to do any exercises and dieting. But how to lose weight without exercise fast in 2 weeks?  What is the best way to lose weight?

Quick Tips On How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

To lose weight without exercise we should follow some good eating and drinking daily. What are those tips let’s see.

1. Eat Slowly and Chew Food Properly

Lose Weight Without Exercise, Chewing food thoroughly lose weight without exerciseHow chewing food for 20-32 times helps you to lose weight naturally?
When you eat slowly and chew food thoroughly it helps to eat less food and decrease the calorie consumption naturally. Basically, our brain needs 20 minutes to understand the signal that your stomach is full and not eat more. This way eating less food and chewing thoroughly helps in losing weight without exercise and diet. If you will eat fast without chewing food thoroughly, your brain will not get this signal and you will eat more.

Other benefits of eating slowly and chewing food properly is that you will enjoy your eating. When we chew food properly, it mixes with saliva in the mouth. Saliva contains digestive enzymes which help to digest food properly and ease digestion. Other benefit is that saliva improves the taste of food. Chewing food properly in the mouth reduces the 50% percent work of your intestines. This way you will never suffer from indigestion or constipation.

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2. Lose Weight With Smaller Plates

Lose weight with smaller platesIt is very simple that using a smaller plate, motivate you to eat less food and consume less calories. Bigger plates make you serve more food and smaller plate make you serve less.  When you eat in small plates you think that you are eating more than you actually are. You can do one thing that you can serve unhealthy food in small plates, causing eating less.  This way small plates helps you to control and lose weight without exercise and diet.

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3. Eat Protein to Lose Weight Without Exercise

lose weight without exercise, Increase Protein Intake to lose weight without exerciseThe intake of protein is the best way to lose weight fast. Eating protein reduces your hunger and helps you to consume less calories. Protein increases the feeling of fullness which reduces the intake of more food. According to the research, adding more protein in your meal found automatically losing weight without exercise naturally.

Good source of protein

  1. Soya
  2. Meat, chicken and fish
  3. Eggs
  4. Seed nuts
  5. Low fat dairy product

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4. Drink Plenty of  Warm Water

lose weight without exercise, Warm Water for losing weight without exerciseDrinking plenty of water half an hour before your meal, reduces your hunger and help to consume less calories. If possible drink only warm water after your meal because warm water helps in proper digestion, as well as effective in reducing belly fat. Warm water keeps you hydrated and improve the function of the body. Warm water reduces constipation and cleans the body by removing toxins. So drinking plenty of warm water is the best way to lose weight without exercise and diet. Keep habit of drinking warm lemon honey water in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce weight.
One basic rule of drinking water

  1. Always drink water 1 hour before your meal.
  2. Do not drink water during meal
  3. Drink water 1 and half hour after your meal

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5. Cut Out Carbs

cut carbohydrates to lose weight without exerciseIf possible avoid eating simple carbohydrates.

  1. Do not eat white rice, white bread, pizza, fried food, but you can include brown rice and wheat.
  2. Avoid soft drinks. Reduce intake sugar products like sweets and juices.
  3. Rice lovers should not eat white rice at night. White rice causes constipation and gases. In result, it may lead to weight gain.

6. Get Enough Sleep and Avoid Stress

Get enough sleep to reduce weight and stressAccording to research enough sleep and stress plays an important role in weight loss and weight gain. When you are not taking enough sleep, it disturbs your appetite hormones like leptin and ghrelin. When your appetite is disturbed then it lead to increase in your hunger and eating more food. So getting enough sleep and reducing stress is more important for our healthy lifestyle.

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