How to Cure Insomnia Naturally by Simple Yoga and Pranayama

Cure Insomnia NaturallyInsomnia means sleeping disorder. Those people suffering  from insomnia having the following symptoms.

  1. Difficult to falling sleep
  2. Wake up during midnight and difficult to go back to sleep.
  3. Wake up too early in the morning and feel tired.

There are two types of Insomnia as follows

Primary Insomnia-In this type insomnia it is not directly related to any other health problems.
Secondary Insomnia-In this type insomnia is related to other health problems like Asthma, Depression, Arthritis, Hearth burns or any other pain.

Causes of Insomnia

  1. Tension in personal life. (The cause can be anything)
  2. Feeling uncomfortable Emotionally and physically.
  3. Changing working hour schedule.
  4. Stress.

lets see how to Cure insomnia naturally by yoga.

Benefits of yoga for insomnia

  1. Yoga increases blood circulation.
  2. Stimulates nervous system.
  3. Practicing yoga regularly removes toxins from our body and gives positive energy to the whole body.

Following are the asana to cure insomnia naturally by yoga.

  1. Halasana
  2. Sarvangasana
  3. Shirshasana

Practicing seven pranayama are very important in the treatment of insomnia. Pranayama is well known for a breathing exercise.

  1. Practicing pranayama stimulate the nervous system.
  2. Pranayama releases the anxiety and stress.
  3. Improve the blood circulation in the body.
  4. Pranayama removes negative toxins from our body.
  5. Pranayama calms the mind.
  6. Cure insomnia naturally.

Research has proven that those are practicing only Anulom Vilom pranayama daily gives better results in the treatment of insomnia.

Go for a walk for 30 minutes after meal. Those can run they can go for running and jogging before your meal. The body should feel tired to feel sleepy.

Avoid thinking too much while sleeping. Just relax while sleeping. If you are suffering from some depression or stress then try to overcome it.

Avoid taking medicine for sleeping always. It will make you addicted of medicine and complication will get an increase.

Always be happy while sleeping. Concentrate on your breathing and feel you are totally relaxed. Keep in mind pranayama practice is very important. Pranayama and yoga is the key to good health.


If you are suffering from some serious problem with the health please consult a doctor to avoid any complications.

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