How Yoga Can Boost, Enhance Your Immune System?

How Yoga Can Boost, Enhance Your Immune System?

How Yoga Can Boost, Enhance Your Immune System?The immune system is the collection of organs, glands, cells and tissues that works continuously to protect your body from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and other injurious organisms.

For good immunity system our organs, cells, gland and tissue need more energy and nutrients, so they can function properly.

Actually we are surrounded by polluted air, toxins, poor diet, stress, worry, tension and depression. These all affect our function and performance of the immunity system. There are more than 200 bacteria enters our body which affects our organs, cells, glands, tissues. In the results we suffer from cold, cough, flu and other health issues.

Ask yourself that why you always suffer from cold, cough, flu and other health problems?

The answer is very simple. Your immune system is not working properly. Powerful immune power won’t let you sick and weak. It reduces the chances of weakness.

Then how to boost your immune system?

Yoga. Yes only yoga can boost and enhance the power of the immune system.

How yoga can boost and enhance your immune system?

  1. Yoga makes you more stronger internally.
  2. Yoga enhances the power of gland, tissue, cells and organs.
  3. Yoga enhances the power of red blood cells to fight with bad bacteria.
  4. Yoga boosts your immune system and strengthens the function of the body.
  5. Yoga releases stress and depression which enhance the immunity power.
  6. Pranayama breathing technique improves the function of the nervous system.
  7. Pranayama cures infections in the respiratory system.
  8. Yoga improves and strengthens physical and mental health.
  9. Powerful breathing techniques (Pranayama) remove toxins, germs and infections.
  10. Yoga poses and Pranayama strengthen the overall function of the body.

Pracatice seven pranayama, cobra pose, suryanamaskar, camel pose, sarvangasana, halasana, bridge pose and shirshasana are effective in boosting and enhancing immune system.

So friends don’t waste time and start practicing yoga. Daily yoga exercise will let you more stronger and healthy. We are sure that you will forget your doctor’s medicine.

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