Hot water for weight loss

Benefits of Hot Water for Weight Loss – Eyogaguru

To lose weight, water also plays an important role. But if that water is hot then it is one of the best home remedies for weight loss. let’s check the health benefits of hot water for weight loss.

Hot Water for Weight Loss

1. Hydrate Your Body

To improve the function of the body daily 8-10 glasses of water is important. To remove toxins and waste from the body drinking enough water is necessary. Drinking enough water keeps your hydrated and cleans the stomach.

Although, some people prefer cold water and some hot water. Nowadays doctors also recommend drinking hot water. Hot water will clean your stomach fast and prevent constipation which leads to control your weight.

2. Cleans Your Body

If you have digestion or constipation problem then start drinking hot water throughout the day. Hot water speeds up digestion process and breaking food particle. To prevent weight gain cleaning your stomach is very important. Hence drinking 1-2 glass of hot water in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended.

3. Burns Calories

Drinking warm water or hot water boosts metabolism, Agni (fire) in the stomach and rate of burning calories which leads to weight loss. Have a glass of water before having a meal. It will reduce your hunger and intake of calories which is important for weight loss. Hot water stays for a longer time than cold water. A cold water gets absorbed by the body faster than hot water. Hence drinking hot water before having meal makes you feel full and prevents you from eating more calories.

Although, there is still confusion about drinking hot water for weight loss. Still, it is not 100% proven. But there is no loss. In fact, it will definitely help you lose weight.

Tips to Lose Weight

  • Diet is important. If you are burned 2000 calories after working out then you should eat 1500 calories only. Always reduce intake of calories.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Keep yourself away from stress.
  • Reduce intake of sweet products like cold drinks and other sweeteners.
  • Proper 7-8 hours sleep is necessary to relax your body.

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