Diet for Diabetes Patient to Control Blood Sugar

Diet for Diabetes Patient to Control Blood Sugar

In diabetes actually what to eat and what to avoid is the big question. The food which should be avoided can be enjoyed occasionally but in the limit. To control your high blood sugar, not only taking medicine are important, but also you have to include the best food in your diet for diabetes.

Diet for diabetes

Below is the list of the best foods and worst foods for diabetics.


Vegetables should eat in Diabetes – Low sodium fresh vegetables, roasted, steamed or grilled vegetables are best.

Vegetables should not eat in Diabetes – Cooked vegetables with cheese, butter or sauce. Added lots of sodium.

Dairy product

Dairy product to consume in diabetes – Milk without cream, low-fat yogurt and cheese can be consumed.

Dairy product not to consume in diabetes – Whole milk, Regular yogurt, ice cream, and cheese should be avoided.


Should eat in diabetes – Whole wheat flour, oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain bread, whole wheat pasta and whole-grain flour are good to consume.

Should not eat in diabetesMinimize intake of white rice. Rice should be avoided at dinner and should be consumed at lunch. White rice, white flour, and white bread should be avoided.


Non-veg to eat in diabetes – Seafood, chicken, eggs.

Non-veg not to eat in diabetes – Red meat, fried meat, fried fish should be avoided in diabetes.


Fruits recommended for diabetics – Apple, papaya, guava can be consumed.

Fruits to be avoided by diabetics – Mango, banana, grapes and other sweet fruits should be avoided.

Tips to control diabetes

  1. Diabetes patients should have smaller meals throughout the day to control high blood sugar.
  2. The regular practice of pranayama is necessary. Specially Kapalbhati pranayama to reduce high blood sugar.
  3. Drinking tomato juice early in the morning on an empty stomach is helpful to reduce high blood sugar.
  4. Eating 4 almonds helpful to control blood sugar.
  5. Ice cream, chocolates, tea, cold drink, alcohol, fruit juice, pizza, burger,  should be avoided.
  6. Walking for 30 minutes and some simple breathing exercises will reduce high blood sugar easily.
  7. A patient with high cholesterol should avoid egg yolk and red meat.
  8. Avoid stress, depression, and tension. It will help to prevent and control diabetes.
  9. Use less salt.

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