Signs of Heart Attack Never to Ignore

Signs of Heart Attack Never to Ignore

Signs of Heart Attack

Fatigue and Breathlessness
We always feel fatigued with a lack of rest, but it can be a sign that the body gives before a heart attack. Often feeling exhausted and breathlessness (Shortness of breath) tells you that you are going to suffer a heart attack soon. So must consult your doctor.

If you notice sweating without any work or physical activity can be a sign of a heart attack. If you notice cold sweats or clammy skin then you should not ignore it.

Stomach disorder
If you are often suffering from indigestion, gas trouble, constipation, and heartburn then the chances of heart attack are higher.

Chest pain, Pressure, & Discomfort
Out of other signs of heart attack chest pain is common. Discomfort in the chest like chest tightness, squeezing, uncomfortable pressure, pulling a muscle, squeezing, or fullness can be seen. This pain stays for a few minutes or goes away and comes again.

Body pain
Discomfort in the upper body like pain in the jaw, upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, or abdomen are the signals which body gives before a heart attack.

Experiencing death or fear of death is the common experience that heart attack patients share.

Persistent coughing or wheezing can be a sign of a heart attack. In some cases, blood in phlegm can be seen.

Often losing consciousness and lightness in the head can be signs of a heart attack.

Irregular Pulse
Occasionally skipping a heartbeat is not a problem but often irregular beat with weakness, dizziness, or shortness of breath is not normal. It can be a sign of a heart attack.

Some people experience unexplained weakness. Not possible to hold even lighter things in hand.

How to prevent and cure heart problems

Following proper diet, yoga exercises, and tips you can prevent and cure heart problems.

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