Top 7 Tips for Preventing Heart Disease Naturally

Top 7 Tips for Preventing Heart Disease Naturally

Tips for Preventing Heart Disease NaturallyPreventing heart disease tips

1. Do not smoke or use tobacco or drink alcohol
Smoking, alcohol or using tobacco increases the chances of heart disease. The harmful chemical present in these things damages blood vessels. It leads to narrowing arteries which causes heart attack.

2. Exercise for 30 minutes
Regular exercises like fast walking or jogging helps to control your weight. If your weight is under control then the chances of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are less. Because these are the main risk factor of heart disease. In short regular exercise is necessary for preventing heart disease.

3. Reduce stress, anger, depression and anxiety
The daily practice of pranayama (breathing exercise) reduces, stress, depression and anxiety. It helps to maintain normal blood pressure which is very important for a healthy heart. Read moreCure, Depression, Stress, and Anxiety By Pranayama

4. Control your weight
As we know the excess of weight increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Regular exercises and proper diet you can reduce your weight. Read moreBest Way to Lose Belly Fat and Weight Naturally

5. Get enough sleep
Normally seven hours sleep is important for good health. If you are not getting enough sleep then risk of heart attack and diabetes is more. Sometimes people suffering from stress, depression find difficult to sleep. They should practice pranayama daily. Go for a walk for 30 minutes after meal. Those can run they can go for running and jogging before your meal. The body should feel tired to feel sleepy. Read more

6. Regular check of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol
These things are risk factor for developing heart problems. After all precaution is better than cure.
Read more for – DiabetesBlood pressure and Cholesterol.  Keeping all these three risk factors under control is the best way of preventing heart disease.

7. Healthy diet

  1. Eat more  –  Fruits and vegetables, white egg, raw nuts, fish and shellfish
  2. Eat less –  Deep-fried food, dairy products, red meat, fried chicken, egg yolks, milk products

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