Sinus Headache Home Remedies – Top 10 Natural Treatment

sinus headache home remedies

Sinus Headache Home Remedies - Top 10 Natural Treatment

Sinus is the small hollow air-filled cavity in the skull behind the nose, eyes and cheeks which open out into the nose. It allows mucus to drain and circulate air normally. Due to cold these hollow spaces become infected or swollen and it leads to blocking those airways. Due to this it prevents mucus from draining and increases pressure in the sinuses which lead to headache and pain. But these can be relieve by

We will see excellent sinus headache home remedies here. First understand the symptoms and causes of sinus headache.

Sinus headache symptoms

  1. Experiencing pressure above your nose and between your eyes and also in the cheekbones.
  2. Nasal discharge
  3. Increase in pain with the changing position of the head or bending forward
  4. Fever and fullness in ear
  5. More and worse pain in the morning
  6. Fatigue
  7. Cough and sore throat
  8. Yellow green discharge from nose
  9. Swollen nasal passages

Causes of sinus headache

  1. Weak immune system
  2. allergies
  3. Inflammation of sinusitis
  4. Sinus congestion (blockage of the nasal passages) and inflammation

However symptoms of sinus headaches are similar to migraine so first you should confirm it with your doctor to find the actual cause.

We can cure sinus headache with the home remedies easily and without any side effect as follows. Read more articles about home remedies

Effective sinus headache home remedies


cinnamon home remedy for curing sinus headacheMix 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder with water. You can add half teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Apply this paste on your forehead for instant relief from sinus headache.


ginger Sinus Headache Home RemediesGinger is well known home remedy for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can add ginger in boiling water and drink it. It reduces pain and effective against sinus problems. Massage with ginger warm water on your nose, eyes and forehead. You can dip a cloth in ginger warm water to massage your forehead.

Drink with vitamin c

lemon-green tea Sinus Headache Home RemediesVitamin c provides relief from sinus headache. So you can drink warm lemon or orange juice to get instant relief. Lemon tea is also a good option to cure sinus problem. It helps to loose sinus congestion and gives temporary relief. You may like to read What Are the Benefits of Drinking Hot Honey and Lemon Water?

Hot spicy tomato soup and food

tomato-soup, Sinus Headache Home RemediesIt will clear  the nasal congestion and blockages and ease the pounding of a sinus headache. Once your nasal blockage cleared you will get instant relief from sinus headache. Hot chili and spicy foods are the best sinus headache home remedies to clean nasal blockages fast.

Basil leaves

basil, Sinus Headache Home RemediesGrind basil leave and a tsp of dried ginger powder. Apply mixture on your forehead. It will help to get relief from sinus headache. It is one of the best sinus headache home remedies.

Facial massage


Massaging on the nose, between the eyes and forehead with the help your thumb will help to get relief from the pain.

Drink warm water

drinking-water, warm water benefits, Sinus Headache Home RemediesDehydration may lead to sinus headache. So drink more warm water to avoid sinus headache. It will help improve metabolism as well as help to lose weight. You may like to read Top Health Benefits of Drinking Hot lemon Water Every Morning

Pranayama, deep breathing (Relaxing)

How to Boost Immunity Naturally by Bhastrika Pranayama?

Pranayama breathing techniques gives excellent relief from sinus headache. Pranayama relaxes mind and body. It releases stress and pain. Breathing deeply reduces sinus headache symptoms. It enhances your immune system and keep you away from suffering sinus problems.


Add a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in boiling water. Cover your head and hot boiling water pot with the cloth completely. Now inhale warm steam for 5 minutes. This will help you to clean the nasal blockages and releasing headache.

Hot Compress

Take a cloth and dip in a hot water. Keep warm cloth on your forehead for some time. It will help to relieve sinus headache.


Before applying sinus headache home remedies you should consult a doctor to find the root cause of your problems.Some Symptoms of migraine and sinus are common so it is best to confirm it with your doctor first.

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  1. Can sinus ppl drink lemon or orange water. As it is mentioned in that luke warm water with lemon mixed to be used for sinus. But as per doc advise we should not take citric acid related things which may increase ur sinus

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