Top health tips for healthy-life

Top 5 Health & Fitness Tips for Healthy Life

Top 5 Health & Fitness Tips for Healthy LifeEveryone is busy with their routine work. But this routine work is not peaceful and full of joy. The life is full of competition and fast. Tension, stress, worry and pressure is everywhere. Project deadlines, daily targets and relationship problems are the main causes of tension, stress and depression. This leads to many health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, stomach disorder, acidity and heart problems.

According to survey now a days the percentage of heart problem increasing in young generation (age 25 -30). This is very very serious. This is due to busy and wrong lifestyle.

Today you are earning for your future but in future do you want to spend your  saving on your health?
Here are the top 5 health and fitness tips for your healthy life. Your 15 minutes can keep you fit and fine.

Pranayama in the morning

pranayama breathing exerciseDue to deadline, work pressure, competitive and fast life the young generation and elder people are suffering from stress and depression. Which very dangerous for your health because it leads to blood pressure problem, heart problems and other serious health issues. Pranayama plays an important role to keep you strong and calm. It releases your stress and depression. Cures sleeping disorder (Insomnia) due to stress. So don’t try to relieve your stress by smoking and drinks. It will increase the chances of your heart problems. Pranayama strengthens your immune system and keep you away from cold,cough and flu. Read more..

Regular Health check up
Yoga and Pranayama for High Blood Pressure or HypertensionRegular eye, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar check up should be done. Because our life style is totally changed. Due to the busy life style now diabetes, eye problems, heart and obesity problems are common. So precaution is better than cure. Regular health check will keep you away from other serious complication.

dhanurasana-yogaposePeople use to sit for a long time in the office which create problems of back pain and imbalance posture. Do not sit in the chair for a long time. Have a break after 1 hour. Keep moving or you can walk for some time if possible. Try stretching yourself for some time which relaxes your muscles and improves flexibility. Read more…

Drink plenty of warm water only
Top 5 Health & Fitness Tips for Healthy LifeHaving a habit of drinking of warm water always keeps your stomach clean. Reduces acidity and helps in good digestion. Excellent for loosing weight.

Don’t ignore sexual health

Do not avoid or ignore your sexual life due to your hectic lifestyle. Avoid stress, smoking and alcohol. Spending good time with your partner will release stress, depression and tension. It calms the mind and improve the efficiency of working. Yoga and pranayama plays an important role to improve your sexual life of both women and men.

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