Cure Irregular Periods

Cure Irregular Periods Naturally by Practicing Yoga

Yoga is the effective exercise to cure irregular periods naturally. An irregular period is common in women. Yoga is the best medicine to cure problems like menstruation disorder, heavy blood flow and painful menstruation periods.

Causes of irregular periods (Menstruation disorder)

  1. Heavy workout
  2. Stress
  3. Loss of weight
  4. High body weight
  5. Infection in reproductive organ
  6. Changes in diet
  7. Breastfeeding
  8. Miscarriage
  9. Birth control pills
  10. Hormonal imbalance

Yoga poses (exercises) benefits for irregular periods (Menstruation disorder)

  1. Yoga helps to reduce stress.
  2. Regular practice cures the abdominal disorders.
  3. Help to relax your body.
  4. Regulate every part of a body.
  5. Relieve menstrual pain.
  6. Improve the function of abdominal organs.

Yoga poses for irregular periods

  1. Bhujangasana
  2. Seven pranayma
  3. Dhanurasana
  4. Paschimottanasana
  5. Halasana
  6. Vajrasana
  7. Badhha konasana
  8. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutaion)

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Bhujangasana-cobra pose

Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose Yoga Benefits, cure menstrual problems, for regular periods,

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Seven Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama

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Dhanurasana - Bow Pose Yoga Benefits

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Halasana Plow Pose

Halasana – Plow Pose yoga benefits for irregular periods

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Vajrasana (Diamond Pose) Benefits

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Baddhakonasana – Butterfly Pose

Baddha Konasana Butterfly Pose, for irregular period, for irregular menstrual

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Suryanamaskar – Sunsalutation

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation yoga benefits

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  1. Regular practicing yogasana and pranayama is a must for a better result. Consult your doctor before practicing yoga if you are suffering from any abdominal injuries.
  2. Do not practice yogasana during periods.

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