Cure Depression, Stress

Cure, Depression, Stress, and Anxiety By Pranayama

Depression is easy to cure and it is a curable disease. Depression, stress, and Anxiety are a very common disease. The exact reason behind the depression is unknown but it can be due to Biological, Psychological or social.

What are the Causes of Depression?

  1. Hectic and stressful lifestyle.
  2. Competition.
  3. Stressful life such as a breakup, divorce, death, job problem and so many.

Symptoms of Depression

  1. Insomnia (sleeping disorder).
  2. Chest pain which can be signs of heart problems.
  3. Joint and muscle pain.
  4. Experiencing low energy level and feeling exhausted.
  5. Digestive disorder.

Cure, Depression, Stress, Anxiety by Yoga and Pranayama

pranayama breathing exercise

Yogasana and Pranayama –Yoga and pranayama play an important role in your life to become healthy.  Seven Pranayamas are very important which are related to breathing exercise. Pranayama is effective to remove the bad toxin from our body and give positive energy.

Pranayama and Yoga brings stability, calms the mind, improve blood circulation and cure depression stress and anxiety. Some yoga poses like Halasana, Sarvanga Asana, Shava Asana are very important to cure depression stress and anxiety.

 Eat healthy – Drink lots of water. Include more fiber vegetable and fruits in your diet. Do not eat when you are in stress or depression. Just cheer up feel happy then eat.

How to deal and cure depression stress and anxiety

For the treatment of depression we need not to take any medicine, only have to follow the below simple techniques and see the results. You can say it is natural depression treatment.

First, understand your depression –Understand your depression don’t neglect it and take professional help. Sometimes whatever we expect from others or from our life it is not necessary that you will get it. That time explain yourself and say “it’s OK”, “it’s a life” “It happens”. These three things are very important to overcome the depression.

Positive Thinking – Positive thinking shows you the way of living and makes you happy. The positive nature of human life is very important it will make you stronger.

Don’t be alone – Never stay alone, it will eat you and make you depressed and negative. Try to involve in social life more and make good friends.

Laughter is the medicine of life – Always smile and laugh it is the best medicine to overcome depression, stress, and anxiety.

Make yourself more busy – Try to busy more yourself so it will keep you away from any depression and stress. Love your work and work happily.

Exercise is must Practice pranayama in the morning daily. Take a walk or start jogging for 15 to 30 minutes.  It will give you positive energy and refresh your mind and body.

How to relax in life?

1. Spend time with good people.
2. Laughter is the medicine of life.
3. Important to make room for relaxation.
4. Accept Stress and take it positively.
5. Relax your body by pranayama breathing techniques –
6. Have a healthy diet, avoid excessive caffeine, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink more water.
6. Running jogging, walking in the park, swimming, cycling, and yoga will relax your mind body and soul.
7. If possible have a massage.
8. Think positively.
9. Spend time with positive people and avoid negative thinkers.
10.Think always logically when you are stressed.
11.Find a quiet place to meditate.
12.Stop feeling guilty or do not blame.
13.Spend time with kids and loving people.
14.Spend time with pets.
15.Each person has different expectations and priorities. Expecting more from life, let you unsatisfied.
16. Take care of things before they become a big problem.
Hope this may help you.


Consult a doctor if you are suffering from any serious problem with your health.

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