Top 9 Preventing Heart Attack Tips and Yoga Exercises, yoga for preventing coronary artery disease

Top 9 Preventing Heart Attack Tips with Yoga and Pranayama

We come up with some important tips to follow regularly to save yourself from a heart attack. Here are top preventing heart attack tips and pranayama to keep your heart healthy.

Exercises for preventing heart attack

Exercise (Running, Jogging and Fast walking)- prevent heart attackMost important thing is a regular exercise in the morning and evening. Running, Jogging or Fast Walking is very important to improve the blood circulation. It helps to pump your heart properly and minimizes the chances of heart attack. Morning and evening exercise helps to burn your 600 to 900 calories in a day. This cardiovascular exercise helps to maintain your blood pressure level. Keep in mind more sweat while any exercising will decrease your chances of heart problems. It is one of the best exercises for preventing a heart attack. More sweat will decrease the level of sugar in our blood which is good for diabetes patients.

Morning yoga exercise for healthy heart

Morning Yoga Exercise (Pranayama breathing exercise)Yoga is the real need of today’s worlds. Everyone is running behind their targets and achieving their goal. But friends don’t forget your health in your busy schedule. Your 15-20 minutes of yoga is the excellent breathing exercise for your heart health and excellent for preventing a heart attack. If you don’t care your health then health will never take care of you.
Practice yoga poses and pranayama after 15 minutes of running or jogging (Cardiovascular exercises). Pranayama (Breathing exercise) in the morning will surely remove your heart blockages. Pranayama is the powerful and effective breathing exercise to improve your blood circulation. Practice seven pranayamas daily in the morning. But those are suffering from serious heart problems should practice slowly and should not overdo. Doctors also recommending pranayama for heart patients. Yoga is the perfect and a good solution to prevent heart attack and keeps your heart healthy.

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Proper sleep for healthy heart

Proper sleepDue to a busy schedule and daily hectic routine, we have lost our sleeping time and deep sleep. Survey says that those people get 6-8 hour sleep at night have lower chances of heart problems as compare to people having less sleep at night. Good sleep is the solution to a healthy heart. Good sleep is very important for preventing a heart attack.

Beat your stress by yoga and pranayama

Beat your stress by yoga and pranayamaStress, tension, and depression are like our shadow following us in our whole life. But friends we can beat our stress by practicing yoga for 15-20 minutes. After practicing yoga we feel totally energetic and fresh. Pranayama (Breathing exercise) clean our body internally by removing the toxin from our body and gives positive energy. Practice it in the morning with fresh air and tell us how you feel? Pranayama control your anger, anxiety. Helps to control the brain and relax totally. So yoga is known as a stress buster for you.

Control your weight

control-your-weight for Preventing Heart AttackOverweight will increase the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So exercise daily and follow the above tips to lose your weight. Try to reduce your weight by yoga poses as well as jogging and running for preventing heart attack.

Say no to alcohol and smoke

Say no to alcohol and smokeAlcohol consumption and smoking will increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, lungs, and liver problem. Life is so precious so avoid alcohol and smoking.

Family background

Family backgroundJust study your family background because if anyone has had heart disease then there are chances of heart problems to another person in your family. So follow a good lifestyle to prevent heart attack and consult your doctor.

Eat healthy food and Green Vegetables

Eat healthy food and green vegetables- prevent heart attackAdapt good eating habit like to include Fruits, green vegetables, and fiber food. Say no to junk food and cold drinks.

Regular Checkup for Blood Pressure

yoga and pranayama for high blood pressureKeep a habit of a regular check-up. Check your blood pressure regularly. Practice yoga pranayama to maintain the blood pressure. Because high blood pressure is the risk factor for heart blockages. Daily yoga exercises and pranayama plays an important role in preventing heart attack.

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