Best Cardio for Weight Loss and Yoga Poses

Best Cardio for Weight Loss and Yoga Poses

Best Cardio for Weight Loss and Yoga Poses

Proper diet and regular Cardio exercises help to reduce weight easily. Here are some exercises that offer the best Cardio for weight loss.


TreadmillFast walking or jogging for 20 minutes on the treadmill will help to burn extra fat and calories. With this you can adjust speed and time while running on treadmill. No need to go anywhere if you arrange it in your house. It will improve the function of heart, blood circulation, metabolism as well as reduce fat. 20 minutes jogging or fast walking on a treadmill is one of the best cardio for weight loss at home.

Running and Jogging

walkingWalking and jogging for 30 minutes is always beneficial for weight loss.

  1. It does not require expensive machines or special equipment.
  2. Reduces body fat.
  3. Excellent for heart health. Reduces heart attack or stroke problems.
  4. It strengthens bones and muscles of the legs, thigh and hip.
  5. Builds stamina
  6. Improves function of digestion.



Bycling is one of the best cardio for Weight Loss. Either you can go out or you can enjoy it on cycling machine.

  1. 30 minutes cycling burns calories and reduce fat.
  2. Builds stamina
  3. Tones legs, thighs and hip muscles
  4. Controls blood pressure.
  5. Prevent heart disease and reduces the risk of stroke.
  6. Improves cholesterol ratio.

Step up exercises

Step Up Exercise for Women at Home and Benefits

Read more for step up exercise

  1. Excellent exercise for weight loss at home.
  2. It strengthens muscles of legs, knees and hip.
  3. It increases heartbeat and pump more blood.
  4. Looses fat as well as reduces body size.
  5. You can do this at home without leaving the house.
  6. Step up exercise is equivalent to running and jogging.


Swimming Best Cardio for Weight Loss and Yoga Poses

Swimming is the most recognized one of the best cardio for weight loss. It is the best way to burn body fat and bring it in a perfect shape.

  1.  Swimming reduces cardiovascular problems.
  2. Increases muscular strength.
  3. Controls your weight.
  4. Tones muscles.
  5. Maintain cholesterol ratio.
  6. Lowers the risk of diabetes.
  7. Reduces risk of heart attack.

Yoga poses

dhanurasana-yogapose for Weight Loss

Reducing weight by practicing yoga is the best way to loose weight.Read more…

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