Immediately drinking water after meal is good or bad

Drinking Water After Meal Is Good or Bad | Eyogaguru

If you are thinking that immediately drinking water after meal is good for your health then you are wrong. Most of the people have a habit of drinking water while having a meal and soon after meal. This wrong habit of drinking water leads to many health problems. According to Ayurveda, there are a few important rules for drinking water.

Let’s see how drinking water after a meal is bad for your health?

Process of Digestion

When we take a bite of food and swallow it, automatically the fire (Agni) in the stomach (Jathar) starts to stimulate and secrets digestive juices. This stomach fire and digestive juices help in the digestion of food. According to the Ayurveda, this fire remains active till the complete digestion of food.

Why Drinking Water After Meal is Bad?

Just imagine what will happen if you will throw water on a fire? Definitely, water will turn it off. Similarly, drinking water during and immediately after a meal turns the stomach fire off and dilutes the stomach acids. In results, the process of digestion becomes weak and leads to indigestion.

The process of fermentation begins due to undigested food and water in the stomach and it creates harmful substances. Below are the harmful substances.

1. Increase in Uric Acid Levels
Swelling and pain in knee, feet, joints, wrist, elbows are the signs of the increased uric acid level.

2. Increase in Bad Cholesterol (LDL)
Due to an increase in bad cholesterol, it becomes difficult to flow blood through blood vessels of the heart. In results, the blood pressure increases and leads to a heart attack.

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3. Increase in Triglycerides Levels
Due to high Triglycerides level the chances of heart disease increases.

4. VLDL (Very low-density lipoproteins)
High VLDL level also leads to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Hey friends, after reading all these side effects of drinking water after meal one thing is sure that you will wait for 30 – 60 minutes after having food.

Let’s follow the Ayurvedic rules of drinking water.

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