how to overcome mental stress with yoga and meditation

How To Overcome Mental Stress with Yoga and Meditation?

Mental Stress is not an unusual phenomenon. A majority of us have heard of it, most of us undergo it and the rest of us are on the verge of it. Even young kids and teenagers have their own share of mental stress to deal with – regarding their studies, dealing with peer pressure, the pressure to excel in everything, etc. Nowadays, mental stress is an inevitable practical phenomenon and, an ailment in a being’s life. However, it is not untreatable. With each ailment, arrives a solution, a remedy or a cure. Similarly, mental stress also presents an array of solutions – both medicinal and therapy-oriented.

There are psychology, psychiatry, hypnosis, meditation, yoga and several other renowned treatments that have been well-known for helping a person cope with the everyday stress of the body and mind both.

However, before commencing any kind of treatment, it is crucial to understand where this stress is and what are the underlying factors that have triggered it? This greatly varies from person to person. There are times when an individual is not even aware of their stress levels – it is merely demonstrated through a sudden change in deportment, their reaction to things, etc. In such a situation, it becomes even more crucial to take note of it before it gets chronic. Hence, people are advised to watch out for any sudden or gradual changes in their body and their behavior — few of the most common symptoms of mental stress being – irritability, confusion, irregular blood pressure, migraines, loss of appetite, excessive appetite, weight loss, weight gain, sudden hair loss, brittle nails, etc.

If a decision has to be made between treating mental stress with a drug and managing it with therapy, then we are sure that most of you would agree with us — the ideal way to go is therapy rather than seeking a prescription pill that arrives with vicious side effects. And, with therapy – we simply, Yoga and Meditation as the ideal remedies to overcome this nerve wrecking mental stress.

Yoga, a science as old as 5000 years and Meditation, a method as old as time itself are the best tools ever developed to deal with this mental stress.

Practicing meditation for 20 Minutes a day not only helps bust stress but also acts as a trigger of anti-aging mechanisms on your body.  It does not matter if it is morning or dusk, day or night, whether you are tired or awake- Meditation can be performed at any given hour of the day and, just about anywhere. Whenever you feel stressed out or feel like you cannot go on anymore, practice meditation and overcome these disruptive emotions of your body and mind.

Additionally, the practice of yoga with meditation aids in eradicating the symptoms of stress completely. Here are selective yoga asanas that act as panacea for beating mental stress:

Practice these yoga asanas along with 20-Minutes of Meditation for a healthier, more enhanced life – on mental, physical and spiritual levels.

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