Sitkari pranayama steps and benefits

Sitkari Pranayama Steps and Benefits|Eyogaguru

Sheetali pranayama and Sitkari pranayama steps both are similar and effective to cool down your body temperature and High blood pressure. But in Sheetali pranayama, you rolled your tongue to make a tube and in Sitkari breathing exercise, you will have to touch the tongue upwards. Let’s check what are the steps and benefits of Sitkari breathing exercise.

Sanskrit Language – Sitkari
Sitkari – Hissing
Pranayama – Breathing Exercise

Sitkari Pranayama Steps

  • Sit on the ground comfortably. (Sukhasana or Padmasana)
  • Keep breathing normally for a few minutes and relax.
  • Now touch upper and lower teeth together and touch your tongue upwards.
  • Open your lips and start inhaling deeply which produces a hissing sound.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds then exhale through the nose.
  • Remember that the duration of exhalation should be twice of the inhalation.
  • Again inhale and exhale as per above steps. Repeat this for 10-15 times.

Sitkari Pranayama Benefits

Sitkari Precautions

  • Should be avoided in a AC room or winter season.
  • Should be done on an empty stomach and in a fresh air.
  • Low blood pressure patient should not practice Sitkari breathing exercise.
  • If you are suffering from cold, cough, constipation or asthma then avoid it.
  • If you are not able to practice Sitkari breathing exercise then you should practice Sheetali Pranayama.

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