warrior 2 yoga pose

Warrior 2 Yoga Pose Steps and Benefits (Virabhadrasana II )

It is an excellent exercise for pregnant women. This pose looks like a soldier in the position of war so it is Called as Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose). Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2 yoga pose is one of the effective yoga poses to strengthen arms, legs and abdomen area. Let’s it’s more benefits and how to do warrior pose step by step?

Vira – Hero
Bhadra – Friend, good
Asana –  Pose
English Name – Virabhadrasana

How to Do Warrior Pose?

  1. Stand straight with your legs by keeping distance 3-4 feet between each other.
  2. Inhale and raise both hands parallel to the ground and turn your head to the right.
  3. While exhaling slowly turn your right foot at 90 degrees to the right.
  4.  Slowly bend your right knee. Keep in mind that right thigh should be parallel to the ground. Stay in this position for some time. Breathe deeply for 4 times.
  5. After this come to your original standing position breathe normally. And perform the same steps for left leg by turning head to left.
  6. Repeat this cycle for 4-5 times.

Warrior 2 Yoga Pose Benefits (Virabhadrasana)

  1. Gives flexibility to the entire body.
  2. Gives strength to the legs, arms, lower back and tones your lower body.
  3. Strengthen the abdominal organ.
  4. Improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  5. Act as a stress reliever.
  6. Relieve pain during menstruation days in women.
  7. Relieve back pain.
  8. Increases stamina and improve balance in the body.
  9. Virabhadrasana calms the mind and improve concentration.

Warrior 2 Yoga Pose Precautions

  1. A person suffering from high blood pressure should not do this.
  2. Pregnant women should perform this asana under expert guidance.
  3. Pregnant women should stand near a wall so you can support yourself if necessary to balance your body.
  4. Those suffering from hypertension should not practice.
  5. Pregnant women should not overdo and should maintain the balance.
  6. Those who are suffering from spinal problem should not practice virabhadrasana.
  7. Those who are suffering from neck problem need not turn left or right. You can keep looking forward.
  8. A person suffering from Diarrhea should not practice.
  9. Consult a doctor before practicing virabhadrasana (warrior Pose) to avoid any complication if you are suffering from any spinal disorder.
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