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International yoga day and Importance of Yoga

International yoga day , world yoga day, benefits of yoga

21st June world yoga day

21st June is an international yoga day called world yoga day. On 11th of December in 2014, United Nations General Assembly has declared 21st June as a world yoga day. But friends launching this particular day as a world yoga day was initiated by Indian prime minister, Mr Narendra Modiji to the United Nations General Assembly.

Objectives of international yoga day

  1. To let people to know amazing health benefits of yoga
  2. To reduce health problems
  3. To spread peace in the world
  4. To promote good mental and physical health of people through yoga.
  5. To connect people through international yoga day

What is yoga and it’s history?

Yoga is very a ancient science more than 5000 years ago, derived from the Vedic tradition of India. Basically the word yoga is from the Indian Sanskrit language word “yuj”. Yuj means union. Ancient yogis from India invented a way to maintain balance between their emotion, action, and intelligence by simple exercise, breathing, and meditation. This union between mind, body and soul is called yoga. Basically yoga is consist of physical stretching (poses), Breathing execises (Pranayama) and Meditation.

Why to practice yoga regularly?

  1. Yoga exercises improves blood circulation stimulates body organs
  2. Brings peace of mind
  3. Yoga poses improves flexibility
  4. Strengthens muscles
  5. Brings body in perfect shape
  6. Brings flexibility in the spine and prevent arthritis
  7. Boosts immune system
  8. Prevent heart problems
  9. Maintain normal blood pressure
  10. Brings positive energy and make us positive and happy
  11. Lower down high blood sugar
  12. Improves concentration
  13. Maintains nervous system
  14. Releases stress, depression, anxiety and tension
  15. Cures migraine
  16. Cures sleep disorder (Insomnia)
  17. Improves function of lungs
  18. Improves function of kidneys and cure kidney problems
  19. Builds confidence
  20. Reduces weight and belly fat
  21. Keep fever, cold and allergies away from us
  22. Cures stomach disorder
  23. Cures sinus problem, acidity asthma, hair loss
  24. Improves function of the respiratory system
  25. Improves eyesight
  26. Improves memory

Yoga should not be related to any religion

Yes yoga is for all. We should not try to relate yoga with any religion. Yoga is an exercise to keep us fit and fine. Everyone should practice yoga. So lets come and celebrate this international yoga day by practicing yoga.

Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
pranayama, breathing exercise

Yoga poses
dhanurasana-yogapose, yoga poses
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