Udgeeth pranayama – Breathing Exercise

Udgeeth pranayama – Breathing Exercise

It is known as “Omkari Japa” means chanting of “Om”. Udgeeth pranayama is the simple breathing exercise. Should be practiced on a daily basis like other 6 recommended pranayama.

Steps of Udgeeth Pranayama

  1. Sit in a suitably relaxed posture.
  2. In this pranayama, the inhaling and exhaling duration should be long.
  3. Inhale deeply and while exhaling chant Ommmmmmmmm for a long time as much you can.
  4. In all pranayama, the breath plays an important role. So concentrate on your breath and feel a positive energy comes when you inhale and negative energy goes out while exhaling.
  5. Repeat this for 5-10 minutes.

Benefits of Udgeeth Pranayama

  1. It calms the mind and brings stability.
  2. It relieves tension, anger, and anxiety.
  3. Excellent breathing exercises for meditation.
  4. Effective against hypertension.
  5. It cures problems related to sleep (Insomnia) and bad dreams.
  6. Control the high blood pressure and cure it.
  7. Cures the problems related to the nervous system.
  8. Cures acidity.
  9. Improve memory power.


  1. Should be practiced under expert guidance.
  2. In this pranayama, the inhaling and exhaling duration should be long.
  3. Should practice pranayama on an empty stomach.
  4. Having gap of 5 hours between yoga practice and your meal.
  5. Better to practice in the morning in the fresh air.

Anyone can practice Udgeeth Pranayama including children of old age. You can practice this any time whenever you feel stress.

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